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Chapter 19: No “I,” No “You” - Just a Mirror Reflecting

Sometimes, watch whatever you say or do: is it authentically yours? Or has somebody put it in your mind just like things are fed to a computer? - your mother, your father.they were all well-wishers but ignorant, utterly ignorant as far as self-knowledge is concerned. They have made you Christians and Hindus and Mohammedans and communists. And they have created a world which is, as far as consciousness is concerned, absolutely contaminated, divided, a thousand and one discriminations.

But it is only a thin layer. Underneath this thin layer is a vast unconscious. This unconscious is all that has been repressed and not allowed expression.

Everybody can remember hearing the parents say, “Don’t say that, never say that! It is against civilization, culture; it is against respectability, honor. Never mention it.” And slowly slowly, when again and again it is said, you start pressing it deeper into your being. That which has been repressed in you is your unconscious.

A man like Gautam Buddha has no unconscious. A man who is fully awakened is simply pure consciousness. He does not dream, there is no need for him to dream. He is living his life with all its dangers, risks, the way he wants to live. He is not in any way following anybody against himself.

He is not a hypocrite, a pretender, an actor, repeating like a parrot either what he has been told by religions or by politicians or by other vested interests: “You have to be like this and you have to be like that.” Everything.how to sit, how to stand up, how to walk. So many chains and so many locks on your mouth that you cannot say a single word that arises within you, not a single flower that blossoms in your consciousness.

This repressed part of your being creates the unconscious.

You are asking, “What exactly is this unconscious mind which is also called the dark night of the soul?” It is your repressed mind, centuries old, of many lives. Each time you change the body, your unconscious mind becomes bigger because more repressions are added to it.

You will be surprised that you are not at all aware of what is contained within you, in your own house.

A Zen master, one dark night, was sleeping in his small hut. He had only one woolen blanket, but he was awake and he saw a thief entering in. He felt very sorry for the thief because he knew perfectly well that in his house there was nothing; for thirty years he had been searching. But who knows? This man may be able to find something.

So he got up slowly, lit a small candle, and went behind the thief. The thief looked at him, utterly frozen - “My god, that man I was thinking was either dead or asleep is coming - naked because he has only one blanket - with a candle!” Just think of yourself..

But the Zen monk said to the thief, “Don’t be worried and don’t feel in any way offended. I am a poor man, I have only one blanket. So don’t be worried. And in this night, dark night and far away from the village, nobody will know what we are doing here.”

The thief said, “What are we doing?”

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