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Chapter 20: Democracy Is Yet to Happen

Just now I received a message that in New York City alone, ninety-five percent of homosexuals are positive, confirmed AIDS sufferers; thirty-five percent of the prostitutes of New York are confirmed AIDS sufferers. Every city is at a loss what to do, because this thirty-five percent of the prostitutes will be spreading it every day and they must have spread it to thousands of people already, And those people alone. So it is just like a wildfire, and so invisible that you cannot prevent it.

Governments are repressing the information, because no nation wants to be condemned that it has so much perverted sexuality. Religions are repressing - no monastery has declared yet what percentage of the monks are suffering from AIDS. They must be suffering more than anyone else, because to me, AIDS is a religious contribution to the world. Insisting on celibacy, insisting that monks should live separate from nuns, insisting that sex is sin, are the causes, the basic causes which have led ultimately to AIDS. The whole responsibility lies with your popes, Ayatollah Khomeini, Hindu shankaracharyas, and the religious leaders. They all are doing the same thing for centuries. They have created homosexuality.

In the wild, animals never turn homosexual, but in a zoo where females are not available, even animals become homosexuals. Your monasteries are nothing but zoos. And man is more intelligent than the animals, so he is going to find some way for his sexual energy. And what can he do? It is beyond his powers. Just by taking a vow of celibacy, he cannot make his biology understand, “I am celibate.” The biology goes on functioning in its own way; it doesn’t care about you at all - your philosophy, ideology, religion. It will create blood, it will create semen, it will function on its own. It is not in your control in any way.

So what does the monk have to do with his sexual energy? It is a well-known fact that all the monks of all the religions have to find some way or other. They have made love to animals - sodomy is as old as the Old Testament. The very word sodomy comes from the Old Testament. They have been homosexuals, nuns have been lesbians.

So no religion wants to declare how many homosexuals are in their monasteries. No city wants to take note and inform the world, and no individual wants even to go through the test, because once you are confirmed that you are a homosexual and you are AIDS-positive, you are a condemned individual. You will not have any other exit except suicide, because even your parents, your wife, your children, your brothers, sisters, friends, will all deny you.

That’s right. I have a clipping here from a newspaper I saw in Vancouver two days ago, which says, “AIDS has struck the Rajneeshees: two followers of Osho have contracted the usually fatal disease.” Is it true?

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