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Chapter 10: The Lazy Man’s Way to Enlightenment

And all these levels have some kind of repressions. The collective unconscious also has repressions, and they have gone deeper than the conscious. When the conscious represses, it has the capacity to repress them to the unconscious - but the unconscious is very close; they can surface in any relaxed moment. That’s why in dreams they start floating up. But the conscious can suppress them to the collective unconscious; then even in dreams you will not be able to find them. Then some special methods are needed to fill your dreams with the collective unconscious. Carl Gustav Jung has worked on those methods, and in the right direction.

Ordinarily dreams won’t help because dreams are a very superficially repressed part. The society tries on many levels, and there are a few things which it has to repress just superficially. For example, your anger is repressed, but it is very superficially repressed - just skin-deep. Scratch a little bit, and it is there; there is no need for a dream.

Society cannot repress your anger more deeply because it needs your anger sometimes. In wartime your anger, your violence will be needed. And for your own self-protection against a society which is barbarous, anger and violence will be needed. So society cannot repress such things; it keeps them just on the surface, so they can be called back without any difficulty.

But there are a few things which it represses to the collective unconscious; for example, that you should not make love to your mother. Every boy wants to do it, and every girl wants to make love to her father. Society represses it so deeply and makes it such a great sin even to think of it, even to dream of it..

Ordinarily dreams are authentic and true; but as far as the contents of the collective unconscious are concerned, sometimes when you have a dream, it changes it in a subtle way. For example, you want to make love to your father - even in a dream you will make love to your uncle, not to your father. That much.because the uncle looks like the father.

The unconscious sometimes allows the collective unconscious if something is forcing very hard to come up. For example, you should not make love to your own sister. Every society in the whole world has repressed it for thousands of years; it is no longer in the unconscious. So psychoanalysis cannot free you of it. Even if it surfaces to the dream world, it will come with a mask: it will not be your sister, it may be your sister’s friend - someone who looks like your sister, but not really your sister.

And then there are the ultimate repressions which are part of the cosmic unconscious. For example, you have been told from your very birth that this is the only life that you have. Only in the East - because there people reached to the cosmic superconscious - have they found in the cosmic unconscious repressed contents about past lives. It is the deepest repression. Even if sometimes it comes into your dreams, you cannot recognize that it is from your past life. It is just a dream, like any other dream.

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