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Chapter 11: I Am Not Your Father

Your father may have done something to you. Every father does something to every child. He has to; otherwise those children will kill him. They will destroy the house, they will set it on fire - they can do anything! Every father has to be a strict disciplinarian. And that is what creates resentment, because he cuts your freedom.

He tries to make you in his own image, as God made man in his own image. And just look at your face in the mirror: this is God? A great God! And a great image! But every father is trying to do it. That is exactly the reason why the story of God creating man in his own image has been invented. Every father tries to make you his carbon copy; that creates resentment.

But how can you put me in your father’s place? I am not trying to make you in any way in my image. Just the opposite is the case. I am trying to help you to find who you are, to drop all other paraphernalia that your family, your father, your teachers, your priests have put upon you - clothes upon clothes.

Drop those clothes. It will be difficult, because those clothes carry respectability. Those clothes make you the inheritor of your whole family’s past. Those clothes make you a Jew, a Hindu, a Mohammedan. Those clothes make you a cousin to Jesus Christ or Moses or Buddha. That is the difficulty; you cannot drop them.

But you seem to be a courageous man, to accept that you are a hypocrite. Just a little more courage: drop all that has been imposed upon you. Be utterly naked, the way existence wanted you to be. That’s the way you had come into the world. I mean metaphorically - you need not walk naked into Portland. Here of course, you can, there is no problem. Nobody will pay any attention, you will simply feel and look silly. Nobody will even ask, “What is the matter?”

In my commune everybody is accepted as he is. If he is enjoying the morning sun naked, he is not interfering with anybody, he is not committing any crime. And if you don’t want to see him, there is no need to see him. When you are passing him just keep your eyes closed, or look to the other side. His nakedness is a problem only because in his nakedness you can see your nakedness too. You know you have not been courageous enough to drop your clothes and be open to the wind, to the rain, to the sun.

If you really love what I am revealing to you - it is not a revelation from God, it is just opening my human heart, just to give you courage so that you can also open your heart, so that there is no fear. And when two hearts open.there is a symphony that arises out of two hearts open to each other, beating with each other in a certain rhythm.

That harmony will give you roots, will make you centered, will make you grounded. And you will also be able to forgive your parents. Not only that, you may feel sorry for them, because the same has been done to them by their parents and family, and so on and so forth, till you reach Adam and Eve - and they have not been treated in a different way even by God.

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