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Chapter 25: Seeing the Fact, Drop the Fiction

The question is significant, because when you listen to me say that I am all for naturalness, you immediately drop what you always wanted to drop. But you don’t become natural. You have forgotten the resentment. By dropping your etiquette, by dropping your grace, by dropping your cultivated beauty, by dropping your make-up, you are not simply going to become natural. There is something more between your phony self and your real self: your resentment. And you have thick layers of resentment, because for your whole life you have resented.

And the resentment was yours. The grace was imposed by others - it is easy to drop it, you always wanted to drop it - but the resentment was yours. It is closer to you, it is more difficult to drop it. But unless you drop your grace, cultivated beauty - just make-up; unless you drop your nice etiquette - behavior which is just diplomatic - unless with all this that has been forced upon you, you remember to drop the resentment.because now there is no need for resentment.

You are getting free of all those things which were the causes of your resentment. You can easily get rid of things that have been forced upon you, but the things that arose within you - there comes the real problem. You have to drop your resentment. If you cannot drop it, the natural flow of your energies will not be available.

It has been happening in all of history: many people have dropped the forced values. Just a few years back you had hippies all around - they had dropped the forced etiquette, the forced niceness, the forced cleanliness. They had been told, “Cleanliness is next to God, only God is above cleanliness.” They were forced to take baths, they were forced to do this, that. They were forced to go to the school, to the college. They dropped all that, but they did not drop the resentment.

Hippies did not flower into beautiful human beings. Their resentment burned them. They went just to the opposite pole; they stopped taking baths. Dirtiness became next to God, uncleanliness became a value. The more unclean, the more dirty you were, the greater you were considered to be by other hippies who were not so courageous as you were. Once in a while they took a bath, once in a while they cleaned themselves. It created guilt in them. Just see the phenomenon!

Many hippies have visited me. I felt really sorry for them. They were going on a right path, but somewhere the path turned to the polar opposite. Their resentment was so strong that they started doing exactly the opposite of what they were taught to do. They dropped out of schools, out of colleges, out of universities, because it was not their own choice.

But do you know what happened to the hippies? You don’t find them. After the age thirty-five they come back to the society, become again what they have been taught. Their long hair disappears, their beards disappear, their mustaches disappear. All the hippies who have reached nearabout the age of forty are now perfectly accepted gentlemen in the society. They are good businessmen, good salesmen, successful.

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