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Chapter 10: Meditation Has a Great Future

One who begins to know his body from within.. And remember, we know our bodies only from without. Even our own bodies we known only from outside. If I know my left hand, I know it through my eyes which have actually seen it. So my knowledge about my left hand is really the physiologist’s knowledge. But if I close my eyes and feel my left hand, this inner feeling of it will be my own. So if someone comes to know his body from inside, he will soon reach the kunda, the reservoir, which is the source of all our body energy. The energy that lies asleep at this kunda, this pool, is called the kundalini. And then that person will know for himself that everything emanates from there and fills the whole body. It is like a single lamp burning and lighting a whole room. If you search the source of the light filling the room, you will come to the lamp, and find that all the rays of light are emanating from this one flame. Then you will understand that although the rays reach into every corner of the room, the lamp remains their source.

Here we are concerned with searching that particular point from where life energy emanates and pervades our whole body. Life energy has to have a center - no energy can be without a source. Though the sun is a hundred million miles from us, yet its rays are with us; we can say that there must be a center, a source from where they emanate and fill the earth. In fact, no energy can ever be without a center; if there is energy it has to have a center. How can there be a circle, a circumference, without a center? Where there is a circumference there is certainly a center.

That your body is a bundle of energy is self-evident; it needs no proof. It is energy that rises up and down, moves and stops, and goes into sleep. And it is not that its energy always functions at the same level; sometimes it is active and vigorous, and at other times it is lethargic, low and dull. When you are angry you can hurl a huge rock at someone, which normally you can hardly move. When you are in great fear you can run at a speed which would be envied by an Olympic runner. So your energy is not always in the same state; it fluctuates according to conditions in and around you.

So it is clear that you have a kind of reservoir, a fountain, from which energy goes into action or not. It goes into action whenever necessary; otherwise it lies dormant at the source. From this source you draw energy in both your normal and abnormal situations - in your day-to-day needs and also in your emergencies. Yet this reservoir is never empty, it is always full; you cannot exhaust it. It is inexhaustible.

It is interesting to know that we never make full use of our great store of energy. Those who have explored this field say that even the most extraordinary people, geniuses, do not use more than fifteen percent of their energy. Even great men of history - who made history - don’t surpass this limit of fifteen percent. And as far as ordinary people are concerned, they go through life on just two to two and a half percent of their energy; ninety-eight percent remains unused.

So potentially, as far as their seed energy, there is no difference between an extraordinary person and an ordinary one. The difference is of how they use or don’t use their energy. The energy that a genius uses is the same that a very ordinary person has, but doesn’t use. The ordinary person is one who never summons his energy to action; who never provokes it, challenges it. He is satisfied with what little he uses, which he thinks is his maximum. He makes do with his minimum and leaves the vast potential untapped. And that is why in moments of crisis even the most ordinary person displays extraordinary strength and ability. So only in moments of crisis do we come to know our inner potential.

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