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Chapter 25: Dancing with the Whole

If you don’t resist, then there is no separation between you and the energy that is moving around. Suddenly you are with it - so much so that you are not; only the energy is moving. You can be only in separation. That’s why the mind tends to judge, because in judgment it can exist. The mind tends to resist, because in resistance it can exist.

If it flows with energy, if it is in a let-go, it disappears. If you are simply moving with the whole wherever it is going, if you are not pushing the river, then you are not.you dissolve. That is the whole effort here - to help you to dissolve, to help you to die. Once you know the beauty of death then there is no trouble. Then you yourself will take all opportunities to die - you will not miss a single opportunity. Whenever you feel that this is the moment to die, you will jump in and die.

So learn to cooperate with things that are going on; don’t put yourself against the whole. By and by you start feeling a tremendous new energy that comes by walking in step with the whole, because in resistance you dissipate energy. In non-resistance you absorb energy.

That is the whole Eastern attitude about life: accept and don’t resist, surrender and don’t fight. Don’t try to be victorious, and don’t try to be the first. Lao Tzu has said that nobody can defeat me because I have accepted defeat and I am not hankering for any victory. How can you defeat anyone who is not hankering for any victory? How can you defeat a non-ambitious man? How can you kill a person who is himself ready to die? Impossible. Through this surrender, one comes to be victorious.

Let this be an insight - and you will be doing other groups, so follow this; don’t waste time in resisting. Just move with the whole as if you are dancing with the whole. Be in step; don’t fall out of step. Ride on the wave of the whole, with the whole group. A tremendous opportunity is open. You can ride on it and it can take you farther than you can imagine.

My insistence for group work is only because alone you will not be able to go very far. Together you create so much energy - and if everybody is in tune with the whole then the energy is superb. It is not just a total of the whole; it is more than the total. When two persons are in tune, then the divine is available.

When a group is in tune, egos dissolve and a group soul exists, and that takes possession of you. In that moment your ego is not a barrier, and the divine can become more easily available to you. Alone, you resist more. Alone, you are more on guard trying to secure yourself. Alone, you remain with closed doors. But when others open, suddenly it is catching, it is contagious.

One person opens, and the very opening of that person helps others to open. They see the beauty suddenly coming to the other person - the face transfigured, the energy around him now having a totally different quality to it. In that moment you are also persuaded to be open; there is no need to fear.

So next group, from the very first moment, flow with the whole. Just drop all judgments, all opinions. Enjoy the sheer delight of cooperating with the group; in tune with it, in harmony.