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Chapter 26: A Glimpse of Your Own Future

In various stages of her life a woman resembles the continents of the world. As a child she is like Africa, virgin territory, unexplored. In her youth she is like Asia, hot and exotic. In her prime she is like America, fully explored and free with her resources. In middle age she is like Europe, exhausted, but not without places of interest. And after that she is like Australia - everyone knows it is down there, but nobody much cares.

Man has to drop his approach towards reality; he is always thinking and the woman is always feeling. Both are equally incapable of experiencing enlightenment, because one is filled with thoughts, the other is filled with feelings.

Enlightenment is possible only when you are utterly empty - no thought, no feeling, just utter silence. Then what happens remains. It never goes away.

So the question is significant for all. In your longing, in your desire, in your passion you are vulnerable to hallucinate, to start thinking or feeling that which you would like to experience. But this is dangerous because it will become your final block. You will never be able to reach beyond this barrier.

It is good to be alert from the very beginning. Never imagine! Remember all that you can do for enlightenment is a preparedness, a silent being, a serenity. Enlightenment will come at the right moment, whenever you are absolutely silent.

You don’t have to imagine it, you don’t have to even worry about what it is like. You don’t have to find the definition of it, you don’t have to be concerned about the description - what qualities, what experiences are going to happen through it - because all that is dangerous. All that can give your mind beautiful opportunities to imagine, to think and to believe.and Diti has even mentioned the word, saying that she believes: “I believe it is also possible.”

The world of experience is not the world of belief: either you know or you don’t know. Belief is deceptive. An authentic religious person has nothing to do with belief. It is the inauthentic, the false, the phony who lives in systems of beliefs. These systems of beliefs make you Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans.they don’t allow you to become simply and purely religious. And remember that unless you are simply religious, you are not religious at all.

It is not a question of your believing.

It is a question of your experiencing.

And for the experience, get prepared! Become the right receptive host.the guest comes.

I am reminded of a beautiful story. Rabindranath has made a poem based on the story; his poem is named, “The King of the Night.”

There is a great temple, perhaps the greatest because there are one thousand priests in the temple. It is vast and has thousands of statues, and millions of people pass through the temple every day.

The high priest one night dreams that God has come into his dream. God says to him, “You have been preparing the temple every day for thousands of years with flowers, with fragrance and you are waiting for me. I am sorry that I could not come before, but tomorrow I am coming.”

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