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Chapter 4: You Are Ancient Pilgrims

Karpatri also argues the old Hindu argument that the poor people are poor because they are suffering from their past karmas. If you make them rich, if you distribute the property and the land to the poor, you will be interfering with their past karmas. And this is not good, this is a sin, to interfere with somebody’s karma. Let them suffer - they deserve suffering. Helping the poor to become rich is almost like breaking the walls of the prison and letting the prisoners escape - you will be doing something very illegal. The poor people are suffering, and the rich people are rich because they were virtuous in their past lives. Any effort to take their money from them is going against the law of life, the law of karma. You are going against God.

Socialism is against religion according to Karpatri and the other so-called saints. This is a very strange world. But all these things go on because we are asleep.

If you become a little bit alert and start looking around you will be surprised - your saints need psychoanalysis, your saints need psychological treatment. They are utterly ill. And because they are repressing all their desires, sooner or later they start living a double life. They start living two lives together: one on the surface, the saintly, and the real underground, from the back door. And you go on respecting the masks.

It is good. I don’t expect your respect for me, no, not at all. Love is enough, love is right, because love gives you equality with me. And as far as I am concerned I see you as equals - not only you, but the trees and the birds and the animals and the rocks. The whole existence is a brotherhood. Nobody is higher and nobody is lower, there is no hierarchy. It is only one existence expressing itself in millions of forms. How can there be any hierarchy? There is no Brahmin and no Sudra.

You say: “.I respect you because you are my master.”

Forget the respect. Love me because I am your master - and not for any formal reason, because to be a disciple can never be formal; it can only be of the heart.

You say: “Also I feel that I can play with you with joy and you are so far away. Or so close?” Both are true; simultaneously I am far away and very close - very close because the awakening is just the other side of the coin, and very far because awakening takes you into a totally different world from sleep. Sleep takes you into dreams, awakening into reality. To be awake is the door to godliness. Yes, I am far away and yet very close by.

You also ask: “Respect, joy, love - are they the same?”

No, they are not the same - certainly respect and love are not the same. Respect is a poor substitute for love, a plastic substitute for the real rose. It may appear like the rose, but it is not. It has no roots in the earth, no juices flow through it. It has no contact with the sun and the wind and the rain. It is disconnected from existence. It is simply a plastic flower, looks like a rose - it is an imitation. Respect is a plastic flower, love is a real rose.

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