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Chapter 8: The Head and the Heart

And he destroyed his own arguments and won the case!

The legal expert has no dedication to truth, he does not care about truth, he simply cares about whosoever pays the money. He is far worse than a prostitute. The prostitute only sells her body and the legal expert sells his mind. He is ready to be purchased by anybody - whosoever is ready to pay the price. He does not care about what is right and what is wrong.

But if you become a meditator you will start caring about what is right and what is wrong. Not that you will have to, not that it is a commandment, not that it is something like a character that has to be cultivated; it happens naturally that cunningness starts disappearing.

So you have to be alerted. You can become a sannyasin; there is no problem for me - I never ask anybody, “Who are you?” If you want to take sannyas I give you sannyas, unconditionally. Out of my love I give you sannyas, out of my respect for you I give sannyas. I respect each and every individual because to me each and every individual represents God, godliness. Even if the god has fallen very low and has become a legal expert, still the god is a god! Even in your fallen state, Devakar, I respect you, I will give you sannyas. It is for you to decide, because this is risky - risky for you, for your profession.

In the days of the Raj in India, a British soldier was expected to do his duty and very little else. Any display of human weakness by the troops was regarded as letting the side down in front of the natives.

So naturally, the new commanding officer was very worried when an angry crowd of Hindus approached the barracks, complaining that one of their sacred cows had been outraged by an infantryman. They demanded an immediate court martial.

“Don’t worry, sir,” said an experienced law expert. “Our man is bound to get off. This cow has a very bad reputation - it has already been cited in seven previous cases.”

You get the idea?

You will have to drop such legal expertise, you will have to drop such cunning approaches. You will have to become more human. But these are the consequences of meditation; nothing is imposed here.