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Chapter 21: Of the Compassionate

Just the other day Neelam brought many articles; a few for me, a few against me, a few neutral. Every day she brings them. It is amazing. I don’t even read them. All over the world, in all the languages people are taking so much trouble - writing for me, writing against me, writing neutrally, being factual. In one article she simple read one line in it. Because I have been seeing them, she feels embarrassed and hurt because people are writing absolute lies about me, not even a fragment of truth in them. So she simply says, “This is disgusting, nasty,” and throws it away. And before throwing away that article, she said, “This man is writing utter lies.”

One thing, in the beginning he says that I am the most disrespected and the most learned man of the day. He will be shocked, whoever has written it, because I don’t want to be respected by sheep and goats, by monkeys and donkeys, by pigs and pygmies. I have never in my life desired any respect. I don’t consider the present humanity worthy enough to have its respect, it is enough to have its disrespect. The men whom Zarathustra calls “supermen” - perhaps they will be able to respect me because they will be able to understand me. Even today there are a few people who understand me; and then their respect is not only respect, it is love, it is devotion.

And as far as being the most learned, that man is absolutely wrong. I do not belong to the category of the learned. My whole life has been based on a fundamental truth which can only be called unlearning. Whatever the society has forced me to learn, through the schools and the colleges and the universities, my work has been how to unlearn it; how to clean myself from all this junk, rubbish and all kinds of crap. I am not a learned man. Perhaps I might be the most unlearned man in the world. And I would hate to be respected by the present humanity - it does not have that intelligence, nor has it that heart, nor has it that being.

Twenty-five centuries have passed and Zarathustra is not yet understood, is not even now loved and respected. Perhaps the man who can love people like Zarathustra has yet to come. The clarity, the intelligence, the silence which is needed to understand him is absolutely missing in present-day human beings.

And the reason it is missing is that they have not allowed themselves to actualize all their potential. They have not allowed themselves to go the way of nature, the way of the Tao, they have not allowed themselves to flow with the stream. They have listened to wrong people, who have been teaching them to swim upstream, in which they are going to be frustrated and they are going to be failures - and then they become condemners. The moment a person fails in achieving his goal he becomes a condemner. And because everybody has been told to make goals which are anti-life, anti-pleasure, anti-nature - failure is absolutely certain.

These miserable people cannot understand a blissful man, and the man who has not known bliss enjoys only one thing, the suffering of others. Every early morning he is waiting for the newspaper just to know how many crimes have been committed, how many people have been murdered, how many people have committed suicide. Because good news is no news, only something bad, something disgusting is news. Anything natural is not news, howsoever beautiful it may be.

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