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Chapter 17: Whirlwind Of Awakening

Yoga Pratima,

Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, United States

You have said that sometimes you say things to shock and disturb people’s sleep, and that there are millions of people in the world who need just a little bit of shaking and they will awake. Are these people who are being shocked by you now also listening to you? Are they starting to become contemporaries? Are they starting to wake up?

They are certainly tossing and turning in their sleep. But there is great hope. They are trying hard to remain asleep. I shock them, they turn, pull the blanket over, but I am not to be defeated by their stupidity. I am determined to wake them up by each and every means possible. I will say things which are not true, I will do things which I am not supposed to do, but I will wake them up. And a few are certainly waking up, coming closer, feeling more, understanding more. My efforts have not gone in vain.

Perhaps nobody has been rewarded as much as I am rewarded. For the first time so many people are so interested in a man, just for his mere love and his presence. I do not walk on water, I do not do any miracles - because those are methods to attract people and their attention. But then the person does not come to you because of you, he comes to you because you are doing miracles. It is the miracles that are pulling him toward you. A few people gathered around Jesus - it was not of any worth. He was raising the dead, walking on water, turning water into wine, doing every kind of thing in which people are interested, but even then not many came.

And I am consistently avoiding anything that can be a distraction to you. I am making it absolutely clear that you have to be here just for me, not for any other motive. If there is any other motive you are not with me. If there is no motive then there is a possibility of your being awakened.

So I have not given any excuse for my people to be around me. In fact, I have given them every excuse to escape from me, to avoid me. Being with me does not bring you respectability. That was well-considered by me from the very beginning - that with me you would have to lose your respect, your honor, your morality, because they will be the tests of whether you are going to risk anything to be with me. And if thousands of people have decided to be with me at any cost, it is a determination, a commitment of tremendous import. That means they have tasted something of my presence.

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