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Chapter 31: Look into My Eyes for the Shortest Answer

So these things people can see. They can see that my people live comfortably. I am against poverty.

All the religions have been very respectful about poverty. They have made it something spiritual, and because of these people poverty has continued on the earth. If you make something spiritual, how you can destroy it? Spirituality is not to be destroyed.

I call it sickness. It has to be uprooted completely.

How could it be?

It can be very easily. The first basic thing is that richness should be respected rather than poverty. I cannot accept Jesus Christ’s statement, that a camel can pass through the eye of a needle, but a rich man cannot pass through the gates of heaven.

Now, these are the people who are responsible for the poverty on the earth. They are saying, “Blessed are the poor.” Are you going to destroy the blessed people? Are you going to make them rich so they cannot enter into heaven?

I say, blessed are the rich. And a camel may enter through the eye of a needle, but not a poor man.

Is there a reward for the rich in the hereafter?

Certainly, because he has been creating riches here. He has been immensely creative. Everybody is not Henry Ford, just like as everyone is not Picasso. And Henry Ford should be respected as much as any creator. Riches can be created, but they should be respected first.

Secondly, once you accept that religions have been the cause of poverty, you can find in what ways they have kept humanity poor.

They are against birth control. They are against abortion. They are against the pill, and the pill is the greatest revolution that has happened in the whole history of man. I call it the greatest revolution because it makes man and woman equal.

You have felt for some time, according to what I have read, that women have not been treated equally and have not been respected, and have not been thought to be able to do what man can do.

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