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Chapter 6: When Two Zeros Meet

The last question:

The towel which landed in front of Maitreya and which he took into his possession has mysteriously disappeared. What do you have to say about this?

These towels are very temperamental. I know them: a long love affair.twenty-five years is too much in this world where even to live with a woman that long has become impossible - three years at the most. Twenty-five years I have lived with that towel. They are very temperamental.

And I have spoilt them also. I have loved them, respected them, worshipped them. Now, Maitreya is a simple man. He must have put the towel somewhere - the towel won’t like it that way. It is in his room, I assure you, but he will have to go through a little courtship. He will have to coo and woo. And that particular towel is a lady towel. Today I have a boy towel, so I give it to Maitreya: keep them together. They will feel better and happy.

Enough for today.