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Chapter 10: Christianity: Just a Nice Jewish Boy’s Hang-Up

Those census officers said, “Sir” - because there they were respectful to a university professor. At my house I was in the garden, digging a hole. There they were very angry with me, thinking me a gardener or somebody who was just talking absurdities in saying that he could not fill in this line. In the university they said, “Sir, one thing please remember: if we come across you again, you remind us and we will simply leave. We will not say anything.”

So my name does not exist on the Indian voters’ list. I have not voted in my whole life because my name never appeared on the voters’ list. It was not in the census list even, for the simple reason that I could not say what my religion was.

You are fortunate, you can say what your religion is. But it is not to be taken seriously.

You are not to fight for it.

You are not to die for it.

You have to live it, enjoy it, relish it.

And please, leave me out of it!