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Chapter 19: Journalism: Making Saints out of Criminals

Sitting in your shop, you should be waiting for a customer who is going to be a god..

Kabir became enlightened, and even kings were his disciples. They all said to him, “Now it is time: you stop weaving clothes. It hurts our pride. People laugh at us, they say, ‘Your master has to function like a poor weaver. The whole week he weaves clothes and then he takes the clothes on his own shoulders to the marketplace. It does not look right for a man who has so many disciples. Can’t you take care of him?’”

But Kabir insisted, “It is not a question of my livelihood, it is a question that some god will be coming to the market to purchase what I have woven with such love, with such gratitude, with such meditativeness. And if he does not find me there.I cannot do that. As long as I am alive, I will go on serving God by the only art that I know - that is weaving.”

And he made clothes with such love, with such prayerfulness, with such grace, that you could feel that this man is not only weaving clothes - he is weaving something more; something spiritual is being woven into the clothes. And in the market every customer was addressed by Kabir as Ram, the Indian word for God. “Ram, I have been waiting so long for you; where have you gone? It is time for the closing of the market, the sun is setting, and I am waiting for you.”

And at first customers used to be very puzzled: this great saint calls them “Ram”? By and by they became accustomed to the fact, and they started behaving in a different way - it was not a question of being a shopkeeper and a customer, it was a question of being two lovers. It was a love affair.

I would like all corporate houses to be temples - but not only corporate houses; I would like every house, every kitchen, every bedroom, to be a temple. And I would like you to behave with everybody.. He may be your enemy, but still he has deep in his being the same source of life you have. You have to be respectful to his being, as much as you are respectful to your friend. Your wife should be as much respected as any goddess in any temple.

I cannot believe that people who have been pretending up to now to be religious, have behaved with women in such a barbarous way, and they have not seen any shadow of God in the woman. The same religious people have behaved with the poorest of the poor - the sudras, the untouchables - as inhuman beings. They could not see. They could see gods in stone statues, but they could not see in living beings that a god is throbbing in their hearts just as he is throbbing within you.

I want to say it with absolute certainty: these people were not religious. Just as civilization has not happened yet, religion also has not happened yet. We have to create the space where religion, civilization, culture, can happen. They are different aspects of the same consciousness, of the same awareness.

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