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Chapter 19: A Mystic versus America

Why is there a meeting place called Rajneesh Mandir? Why not give it another name when there is no Rajneeshism anymore?

It is true. There is no Rajneeshism anymore - but Osho is still here. And this question must be from somebody who is from the outside, who does not know the commune of the sannyasins and their heart. I have not put that name there. I have come into the world without a name - I don’t know about you - and I will go from this world without a name. Between these two nameless states, any name is just arbitrary. You can change the name; there is no problem. If somebody feels hurt by the name.I do not want anybody to be hurt.

But if the commune wants the name.. It is the only direct democracy in the whole world. All the democracies are indirect, and the moment democracy becomes indirect it is no longer democracy. It is just a Rotary Club, changing from one party to another - but you remain the slaves. Whether you choose the Republicans or the Democrats, it makes no difference. Once you have chosen, then for four years in one country, five years in another country, you have given up your democracy. Then the persons you have chosen function in every fascist way.

This is a direct democracy. If you want to change the name of Rajneesh Mandir to another name, I will be more than happy. But if you don’t want to change it, then I am helpless. I am here just as your guest. I cannot go on changing things in your commune.

So let me ask you: Do you want the name Rajneesh Mandir? Then raise both of your hands and say yes three times!

(Everyone raises their hands and calls, Yes! Yes! Yes!)

And who is the person who has asked the question? Please stand up. I would just like to see your beautiful face.

(There is no response.)

Don’t you have any guts?

You don’t know how this commune functions. Remember, the name can be changed, but with it many other things will be changed too. You will have to do the discourses here; I will not be coming. You will have to guide my people on their spiritual path; I will simply vacate the place for you.

Whoever has asked this must be feeling deep down that if it was his name, that would have been really nice. It can be. I can persuade my people - although they are against changing it. But they love me, and if I say to them to change it they will do it. But where are you? - because from tomorrow the chair will be empty.

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