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Chapter 19: Responsibility

As I see it, the situation is as follows: you are, and we are not. Or to be more precise, you aren’t, and we still are. It seems that the master-disciple relationship is really a kindness on your part to describe, in flattering terms, what is essentially our failure to hear what you have said - more often, more clearly, and more lovingly than any disciples in history could have possibly been blessed with. If, in some way, there is a problem with the process, that problem can only be ours - irrefutably, undeniably and totally ours. Osho, isn’t taking this responsibility unto ourselves, rather than projecting our expectations onto you, the very first step?

Responsibility is always the very first step of freedom. Throwing the responsibility on somebody else’s shoulders is throwing away the opportunity for freedom. You cannot divide the two, they are inseparably one.

It is true that the whole responsibility is of the disciple - the master is only a catalytic agent, an excuse. But to accept responsibility needs guts - everybody wants freedom, nobody wants responsibility. And the trouble is that they always go together. If you do not want responsibility, you will be enslaved in some way or other.

The slavery can be spiritual - which is the worst kind of slavery possible. The political slavery, the economic slavery, are superficial; you can revolt against them very easily. But the spiritual slavery is so deep that even the idea of revolting against it does not arise, for the simple reason that this slavery is there because you have asked for it. Other slaveries are imposed on you; you can throw them away - they are against you. This slavery, the spiritual slavery, appears not to be against you but a tremendous consolation - a consolation that your responsibility has been taken over by somebody who knows; now you need not worry. But along with the responsibility, you have lost freedom also.

And every expectation is a bondage; it leads to frustration sooner or later. It is destined to turn into frustration - no expectation can be fulfilled because nobody is obliged to fulfill your expectations; he has his own expectations.

The master-disciple relationship is not a relationship of expectations. Expectation is the poison that destroys all other relationships. Your love turns into hate the moment there is expectation. Friendship becomes enmity. Just the magic of expectation turns everything beautiful into ugliness.

But your whole life is full of expectations. Your mind knows nothing but to expect. Hence when you come to a master your mind brings its expectations, its habits, its old routine. And there are people who pretend to be masters. This has to be the criterion: If anybody is ready to fulfill your expectations he is not a master, he is simply exploiting you.

No master can say, “I am going to fulfill your expectations.” He can only say, “I am going to destroy all your expectations” - because unless your expectations are destroyed your old, rotten mind cannot be destroyed. Your old habits which are hindering the growth of your being cannot be removed.

The authentic master does not take any responsibility. It is a very strange thing; you would have thought otherwise, that the compassionate master must accept your expectations and try to fulfill them.

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