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Chapter 11: One Can Be Simply Religious

All the weapons are legal.

Isn’t a leader to a large degree responsible for the actions of his followers?

I am not the leader and I am not responsible for anybody else except myself.

Those people are followers of yours, they are there because of you.

They are because of me. That is their responsibility and their choice.

Well, they have contributed money that has wound up with you having ninety Rolls Royces.

That too is their responsibility, not mine. I have not asked them.

But it certainly would indicate that you were considered by them to be their leader. Doesn’t the leader at some point have to take responsibility for what his. I think you’ve called them disciples, have you not?

When I am not their leader the question does not arise. I am their friend, nothing more, nothing less.

[Gibson asks Frohnmeyer some questions. He then asks him if Osho’s status as a friend, not a religious leader, will change anything. Frohnmeyer says it doesn’t change the civil lawsuit that challenges the legality of Rajneeshpuram because of violating the constitution on church-state grounds.]

[interrupting] Mr. Frohnmeyer. Wait a minute.

Will your announcement today change in any way what relationship you had with your group a year ago?

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