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Chapter 31: Unholy Gossip - Not Holy Gospels

Then she will sing songs that her past is absolutely missing. She will dance, and she will dance better than any Nijinsky; she will paint better than any Picasso. And her songs and her paintings and her music and her dances will be closer to life, more sane, more healthy. Once she is completely liberated she will be able to produce more Buddhas, more Bodhidharmas, more Jesuses than man has been able to. And one thing can be said with absolute certainty, that she will not crucify a Jesus, she will not poison a Socrates, she will not murder a Mansoor; that is simply inconceivable about woman.

Man is destructive, woman is creative. Her laughter will also be of a different quality, of a far superior quality.more innocent and more childlike.

But Maneesha, it has not been up to now possible simply because the woman has not been accepted as a human being. And she has been forced to remain in the shadows, never coming out into the light. But I would like my people, whether they are men or women, to feel sad about the past and to do everything to break away from the past and its ugly inheritance. I teach complete discontinuity.

The woman should be given her rights to grow in her own uniqueness, and that will enhance the whole society. It will enhance man too because man begins his life in the woman’s womb. For nine months he is one, totally one with the woman. And scientists say that in nine months the child grows more than he will grow in the coming seventy years of his life. Those nine months are condensed growth, almost unimaginable - because the child has to pass through all the stages that man has passed through in the whole evolution. Almost millions of years have to be passed in nine months’ time: from the fish to the man.

The first stage of the child in the mother’s womb is that of a fish. And then he passes through all the stages of other animals. He has lived inside the woman, and you will be surprised.Sigmund Freud and his school of psychologists have contributed many great insights. One of them is that man’s whole search for paradise, or a heaven, or the kingdom of God, or nirvana is nothing but the search for the mother’s womb.

Those beautiful nine months without any responsibility.not even the responsibility to breathe - the mother was breathing for you - not even the responsibility to bother about your food. No question of past, no question of future, just the present moment and everything is available. Before the child asks, everything is available to the child. Sigmund Freud feels that those nine months have remained in the unconscious and they are creating the urge to find those golden moments again. Certainly you cannot enter the mother’s womb again. But he has a great idea and great insight.

You can enter into the womb of the whole existence. Nirvana and the kingdom of God are nothing other than entering into the womb of existence itself where no responsibility, no burden, no fear, no death.but only a pure, eternal dance of blissfulness.

The moment the woman is totally free, not only will she make life more peaceful, more full of laughter, she will also make man calm down, be less tense. And you all know it - in ordinary experience it happens. If two persons are fighting and a woman comes in, they calm down, they become just gentlemen immediately because a lady has come in. They cannot use the dirty language that they were using before, they cannot behave barbarously the way they were behaving before.

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