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Chapter 31: Release

It will be helpful for you to be reminded.Perhaps in everybody’s life there are moments when you know that a certain name, a certain person, a certain face is known to you. The expression exists in all the languages that it is “just on the tip of my tongue.” Then who is preventing you, why don’t you tell it? You know perfectly well it is there, but it needs some release - and perhaps a hit may do it. You have only forgotten - perhaps a good hit will help you to forget to remember it, because the effort to remember a thing makes your mind tense, and the more you try to remember, the more tense you become.

Tension means narrowing of the mind. It becomes so narrow that nothing can pass through it. A good hit and the mind opens.because you have forgotten that you were trying to remember something, and suddenly that which was on your tongue is no more a secret; now you know it fully well. Something like this has been happening in transmissions of a higher and deeper level.

But Zen is not a study. There is no way to make it a subject of studies in the universities; that will be very stupid. There is no way to find someone who has it who can give it to you. It is not that the people who have it are miserly or not generous - just the contrary. They are the most generous people; if they could give it to you they would not bother whether you want it or not, they would give it to you.

But the very nature of the experience is such that it does not come from outside; it happens within you. The people who have experienced it are in constant search of creating a situation around you so that what is asleep becomes awake. Once you understand it, Zen will not look crazy, it will not look irrational. It will look certainly super-rational - beyond the capacities of the mind.

Thus we believe that this thing cannot be transmitted and cannot be studied: it requires one’s own realization and enlightenment.

It has become more difficult because Hindus, Mohammedans, Christians, Jews have created a very difficult situation for millions of people. They have been giving people the idea that it will be delivered to you by a savior, it will be given to you by a messenger; all you have to do is to believe and wait. Jesus will redeem you - or Mohammed or Krishna.

What I want to point out very clearly is that the idea that somebody else, it does not matter who - Jesus, Moses, Krishna or Mohammed.the idea that somebody else will do it on your behalf is absolutely wrong. But this idea has prevailed and it is very easy to accept it, it is very simple to be imprisoned by it, because somebody else is taking the responsibility.

In this world people are very easily ready to give responsibility to somebody else. They think that by giving away responsibility they are free of the burden. They are absolutely wrong. Responsibility is freedom, and the moment you give responsibility to somebody else you have also given your freedom.

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