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Chapter 11: God: The Phantom Fuehrer

Or, God is a man but feels somehow inferior to some woman about whom we don’t know anything. With which woman is he feeling competitive? There must be a woman in his life, and he feels incompetent, inferior. By creating this whole universe he wants to prove to the woman, “Look, this is creation.” But then God is no longer God: he is just as human, as animal as we are.

“Creation” is indefensible.

And what kind of creation has he made? If he is serious - and creation has to be serious - then this life with so much misery, so much suffering, which finally ends in death and darkness, has no meaning at all. If he wanted to create, there was no need to create such a miserable existence, full of anguish, suffering, agony: an existence which is more a curse than a blessing.

One of Dostoevsky’s characters in his greatest work, Brothers Karamazov.. It is perhaps the greatest novel in the whole world, in any language. One of the Karamazovs - there are three brothers, and one of them says, “If I meet God, all that I want is to return my ticket and for him to tell me where the exit is. Everywhere I see the entrance, but where is the exit? And who is he, that without asking me, produced me, created me? On what authority? - I was not even asked whether I want to be created; I was not given any alternative.”

This is totalitarian, absolutely dictatorial. God seems to be some magnified Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. You were not asked, and yet you have to suffer. You were not asked, and you have been given instincts for which you will suffer here and perhaps hereafter.

The same theologians, the same priests, go on telling you to destroy your instinctive life completely. God gives instincts to you: he is responsible. If anybody has to suffer in hell it is only he alone; nobody else is responsible for anything.

A murderer comes with the instinct to murder. A rapist comes with the instinct to rape. Who is responsible for all this? Yet these religions go on telling you that you are responsible. God is the creator and you are responsible? - and you were not even asked, What instincts do you want?

If you had chosen to be a rapist, a murderer, then of course it would be your responsibility and you would have to suffer the consequences. But you simply come with an inbuilt program, so whoever programs you, only He and nobody else is responsible.

Alan Watts understood very clearly that he could not answer this question which has been raised in the East again and again. Hinduism has found an answer; at least it appears to be an answer. Certainly it is better than the idea of creation, but it has its own problems - which Alan Watts was not aware of because he was not well trained in the Eastern roots of religion. It appealed to him - the idea of leela, play, seemed to be far better. Life is nothing serious; it is just a game, a play, a drama.

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