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Chapter 14: Just Give Way

A well-brought up young lady, who can handle a car in the country but isn’t so sure of herself in traffic, decided recently to take a course at one of the city auto schools to brush up on her driving. To her utter astonishment, soon after she had started out on her first lesson, the instructor leaned over, close to her ear and queried softly. “Did I hear you call me ‘darling’?”

“Sir!” cried the young lady, hotly, forgetting all about her driving and turning to glare.

“That’s just to teach you, Miss” the instructor responded sternly “no matter what anybody says to you, keep your eyes on the road.”

Sometimes I shock you, sometimes I say things that you had never expected I would say. Unexpected, you cannot believe what I am saying; it simply shakes you to your very roots. But remember only one thing: I am not enjoying shocking you. The purpose is to awaken you. When the alarm goes in the morning it is not against you. You may feel it is against you - it looks like an enemy: you want to sleep, it is cold, you would like to have another turn and snuggle under the blanket and have a little more of a beautiful dream, and now this alarm goes on and on and on. I have known people who have thrown their alarm clocks. It is natural, but foolish too. Sometimes you may be very hurt by me - your prejudices are deep-rooted, of long standing - but my purpose is not to shock, my purpose is to wake you.

Confusion is coming because you are not hearing me. I am not responsible for it, you are responsible for it. Remember one very basic rule: whatsoever happens to you, you are finally responsible for it; nobody else can be responsible for it. Take responsibility. Whatsoever happens to you - misery, happiness, confusion, sadness, clarity - nobody else is responsible. Never throw your responsibility on somebody else, because that is the way of the slave. Then you will remain a slave for ever and ever; you will never become free.

If I can confuse you, then what sort of clarity do you have? Then anybody can confuse you; then wherever you go, people will confuse you. When will you become unconfused then, and how? No, you have to understand: unless you want to be confused, nobody can confuse you. And unless you want to become clear, nobody can give you the clarity either. If I could give you the clarity I would have given it. There would be no need to wrestle with you every day. I would simply give it to you and be finished, but it cannot be given.

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