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Chapter 10: Love Is Fragile like a Flower

Walk like a Jesus, sit like a Buddha, play on the flute like a Krishna, and by and by you will come to realize that it was not just an acting. You have stumbled upon something real. Your own shadow is no more falling - the clarity is attained.

When listening to me, sit like a Buddha, silent, receptive, feminine. That’s why Buddha looks so feminine - have you watched - no mustache, no beard, and the face of a woman. The meaning is, when you sit silently, your feminine part comes up, surfaces. When you act, your male part comes up, the feminine recedes. When you do something, your male part comes up. When you are in a non-doing, your feminine comes up.

Buddha attained to God through the feminine - in fact there is no other way to attain. The ultimate has to be attained only when you become a womb, a receptivity. Then it makes no difference.

Just sit and listen to the breeze passing through the pines, and you will find me there; or listen to me with no thought in the mind, and you will find the breeze passing through the pines. It is one and the same. But the whole depends on your listening - the quality of your listening is the question, not what you listen to.

The third question:

I feel very identified with my mother. I tend to judge her as harshly as I judge myself, and blame her for my negativity. Can you talk about the nature of the mother-daughter relationship?

This is a new disease created by the psychoanalysts in the West. In a way it is very old and ancient, a very old trick of the mind. But the garb that psychoanalysis has given it is very modern.

The human mind always tends to throw the responsibility on to somebody else. Then you arc freed of it. In the old days people used to throw the responsibility on to God, fate, kismet - a thousand and one words they had found. Then they were no more responsible; then they were unburdened.

But this unburdening is very dangerous, because once you feel that you are not responsible, then all doors for transformation are closed - because to feel responsible is the very basic requirement for transformation. If I am not responsible for what I am, how can I be responsible for any transformation? If it happens, it happens; if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen; and if God is responsible, then he is responsible also for my change, or no change. Then you start feeling that you are just a puppet, and then you go on dragging yourself in the mud; then your whole life becomes driftwood.

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