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Chapter 18: Love Is the Only Friend

In the old days there was a different kind of person moving in the world, the religious person - the Buddha, the Christ. His very presence was healing. Because he was healed and whole, his wholeness was contagious. Just as diseases are contagious, so is health. Just as illnesses can be caught from others, so can you catch something of the healing energy from the other. But for that, the psychoanalyst will not be of much help. He may help a little bit to solve your problems, intellectually. He may find out the causes of your problems - and when you know the cause you feel a little better, you are not in ignorance. But just by knowing the cause nothing is helped. You are suffering: the psychoanalyst will show that you are suffering because of your mother, because of your upbringing, because of your childhood. It makes you feel a little good: so it is not you who is the cause, it is the mother, or there is always something else you can put the blame on. Psychoanalysis shifts the responsibility, makes you feel a little weightless, unburdened, but the problem is not solved. Just by knowing the cause, the cause does not disappear.

Religion has a totally different orientation: it does not shift the blame on others. In fact, it makes you feel responsible for the first time in your life. Hence psychoanalysis is a kind of bribery. It is a kind of lubricant, it is a kind of help in your ego, strengthening your ego, throwing the blame on others. It is a very dangerous game because once you start throwing the blame on others you will never be transformed, because you will never feel responsible. This is one of the greatest calamities that has happened to this age.

Marx says that it is the society that is responsible for all the ills that you are suffering. You are not responsible: it is the class-divided society, it is the economic structure. Freud says it is not the economic structure but the conditioning that has been given to you by the parents, by the society, by education, by the priest, by the church. It is the conditioning, that’s why you are suffering. You are not responsible.

This is the old game. In the past it was called “the game of fate”: fate is responsible, you are not responsible. This is the same game played with new names and new labels, but the trick is that you are not responsible. Of course, one feels a little bit happier, but nothing changes. Sooner or later that happiness disappears because the cause remains where it was, the wound remains: how does it matter who has wounded you? Just by knowing that your mother has wounded you or your father or the society or the church, how does it matter? The wound is there, full of pus, growing, becoming bigger every day. You can feel a little bit good for the moment, unburdened: so you are not responsible, you are just a victim. You can sympathize with yourself, you can feel pity for yourself and you can feel anger for others, for those who have created the wound. But this is not a way of transformation. The wound is there and the wound will continue to grow, the wound does not bother about what you think about it. Your thinking makes no difference to the wound.

Religion is a totally different approach: it makes you feel responsible. It is against your ego. It says, “It is you! It is your responsibility to have chosen a certain pattern of life. All patterns were available, no pattern has been imposed on you.”

Buddha was born in the same society in which others suffered, suffered hell, and he attained here-and-now, the ultimate state of bliss. So society cannot be responsible. Christ was born in the same society in which Judas was born, in which everybody else was born, but he attained to God.

Religion makes you feel responsible and free. Freedom and responsibility are two aspects of the same coin. If you are not ready to feel responsible, you will never be free. You will remain in bondage, in the bondage of others.

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