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Chapter 10: A Zone of Silence

How easy it is to see truth! But the simplest things are always the most difficult to be seen. That is so because whatever is easy and near is quickly forgotten for that very reason. We remain occupied by things that are far away and lose sight of the things that are near. We remain occupied with the other and forget our own selves.

Doesn’t it often happen in the theater that the audience becomes so involved in the play going on in front of them that they forget themselves? This is what has happened in life too. Life is a giant stage and we have become so engrossed in what is being acted out on the stage that we have forgotten the audience - the seer, the self. In order to attain truth, to attain your self, you only have to do one thing: you only have to wake up from the scenes, from the drama, and nothing else.

I see that you are always encircled by a kind of restlessness that is expressed in your behavior whether you are sitting, standing, walking or sleeping. It is there in your every action, small or big. Don’t you feel it yourself? Have you never noticed that whatsoever you do, you are doing it restlessly?

You have to break this circle of restlessness and create a zone of silence. Only against this background of silence will you be able to experience the bliss and the music that are ever-present within you - but which has not been possible for you to hear and live because of your own inner tumult. My friends, the outer tumult is no disturbance at all. If you are at peace within, it is as if the outer tumult doesn’t exist. We are restless within ourselves, that alone is the hindrance.

Someone asked me this morning, “What should we do to have peace within?” I said, “Look at the flowers. Look at how they open. Look at the mountain streams. Look at how they flow.” Do you see any restlessness there? How peacefully it all goes on! There is no restlessness anywhere except in man.

You too can live like this. Live like this and experience yourself as part of nature. The belief that the “I” is separate has created all this restlessness and tension. Rid yourself completely of the “I” before you act, before you do anything. Then you will find a divine peace spreading throughout you.

When the wind is blowing be as if you are the wind, and when it rains feel that you are the rain, and then see how profound this peace gradually becomes. With the sky be the sky, with darkness be the darkness and with light be the light. Don’t keep yourself separate; let the drop that you are fall into the ocean. And then you will know that which is beauty, that which is music, that which is truth.

When I walk I must be conscious that I am walking; when I stand up I must be conscious that I am standing up. No act of the body or of the mind should occur in unconsciousness, in a half-sleep. If in this way you awaken and live your life with awareness, your mind will become pure, clean, transparent.

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