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Chapter 4: Alight with the Inner Fire

Remember, the divine will be present for you only on the day that you have a deep longing for it. Then there will not even be a single moment’s delay. On that day, the divine will become visible to you and all else will become maya, illusion. You see only that for which you are thirsty; your thirst will create the divine. It is not right to say create; rather, it is better to say that you will discover that which is hidden within you.

The divine is a discovery. And the divine is not present for you unless you are ready to realize it. Until then it is non-existent; until then it will be neither seen nor heard nor touched. Although all touch is of the divine, all visions are of the divine and all sounds are of the divine, to recognize this a deep longing and enormous patience are needed.

Now we will enter into the sutras.

Yama said to Nachiketa:

“Beguiled by their greed for wealth, the unaware cannot see any other world.”

The one who finds meaning in wealth cannot conceive that there is any meaning in the soul, in being. The two are opposites. If money is very valuable to you, then the soul, the being, cannot be valuable at all. One who feels the journey into worldly fame, pride and ego to be of value will find meditation to be worthless - because the adventure into meditation is a totally opposite dimension; its whole process is different.

With ego you have to spread your influence over others, whereas in meditation you dissolve and disappear to such an extent that you cannot be found as a separate entity. With the ego, you have to accumulate things and the power that comes with them, and in doing this you will become filled with tension, anxiety and restlessness. Then restlessness will become your destiny. In meditation you will have to drop tensions and worries completely and become so tranquil, as if you are no more. You become non-existent, you exist as if you are nobody.

The dimensions of ego and meditation are diametrically opposite. This is why if the outer journey is still significant to someone, then the higher dimension of consciousness will have no significance for him. He will not be ready to perceive it; rather, he will be busy with just the opposite.

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