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Chapter 8: Real Is for Always

Now Aniruddha can become a victim of a man like Satya Sai Baba because then he will think this is special; no ordinary man can do it. That’s true, but ordinary magicians are doing it. But these tricks are very dangerous. They are very subtle in their exploitation. Aniruddha can easily become a victim of any charlatan, of any deceiver. Now will be the decisive moment for him. He will have to decide either to live with this man who is ordinary and drop all desire for extraordinariness and all projections and to become ordinary himself and let celebration happen, or he will have to project his illusions somewhere else.

And then you can go on and on. That’s how you have been going on for centuries. For so many lives you have been going on and on: you simply change your screen, but you don’t drop your projection; you carry your projector and your whole film of hopes, dreams, desires. You just become frustrated with the screen - “This screen is not right” - so you find another screen. When are you going to drop the projector and the film? When are you going to burn the whole ego trip? In that very moment death has happened, and resurrection.

Venu Gopal, you say, “I’m feeling a strange mixture of the two - a dying and a coming to life at the same time.” That’s how it will happen in the beginning: you will die a little bit and you will be born a little bit. Learn a lesson from it: die totally so that you can be born totally. And then you know: each moment one has to die so that each moment one becomes again fresh, young - is born. This can happen each moment, and a true life consists of death-resurrection, death-resurrection. Each moment it happens. Each moment one has to die to the past, only then does the present become available - and there is celebration, and there is great joy, and there is great flowering.

The golden flower blooms if you are ready to die to the past, if you are utterly in the present. And you can be utterly in the present only if you have no desire to be anywhere else in the future, if you have no desire to be somebody else. This I call enlightenment.

The second question:

Why is love so essential for spiritual growth?

Love and awareness is the highest form of polarity - just like man-woman, life-death, darkness-light, summer-winter, outer-inner, yin-yang, the body and the soul, the creation and the creator. Love and awareness is the highest form of polarity - the last polarity - from where transcendence happens.

Love needs two. It is a relationship; it is outgoing, it is energy moving outwards. There is an object: the beloved. The object becomes more important than yourself. Your joy is in the object. If your beloved is happy, you are happy; you become part of the object. There is a kind of dependence, and the other is needed. Without the other you will feel lonely.

Awareness is just being with yourself in utter aloneness, just being alert. It is not a relationship, the other is not needed at all. It is not outgoing, it is ingoing.

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