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Chapter 8: Going Alone

Sannyas is a revolt against all societies and all cultures and all civilizations, for the simple reason that they are against the individual. I am absolutely for the individual. I can sacrifice every society and every religion and every civilization - the whole history of mankind - just for a single individual. The individual is the most valuable phenomenon, because the individual is part of existence.

You will have to drop your fear. It has been imposed on you; it is not natural. Watch every small child: he accepts himself perfectly; there is no condemnation, there is no desire to be anybody else. But everybody, as he grows, is distracted. You will have to gather courage to come back to yourself. The whole society will prevent you; you will be condemned. But it is far better to be condemned by the whole world than to remain miserable and phony and false and live a life of somebody else.

You can have a blissful life and there are not two ways, only one single way. This is: you have just to be yourself, whatever you are. From there, from that deep acceptance and respect for yourself, you will start growing. You will bring flowers of your own - not Christian, not Buddhist, not Hindu - just absolutely your own, a new contribution to existence.

But it needs immense courage to go alone on a path leaving the whole crowd on the highway. To be in the crowd one feels cozy, warm; to go alone, naturally one feels afraid. The mind goes on arguing within that, “the whole of humanity cannot be wrong, and I am going alone.” It is better just to be part of the crowd because then you are not responsible if things go wrong.

Everybody is responsible. But the moment you depart from the crowd you are taking your responsibility in your own hands. If something goes wrong, you are responsible.

But remember one very fundamental thing: responsibility is one side of the coin and the other side is freedom. You can have both together or you can drop both together. If you don’t want to have responsibility, you cannot have freedom, and without freedom there is no growth.

So you have to accept responsibility for yourself and you have to live in absolute freedom so that you can grow, whatever you are. You may turn out to be a rosebush, you may turn out to be just a marigold flower, you may turn out just to be a wild flower that has no name. But one thing is certain: whatever you turn out to be, you will be immensely happy. You will be utterly blissful.

You may not have respectability - on the contrary, you may be condemned by everybody - but deep inside, you will feel such an ecstatic joy that only a free individual can feel. And only a free individual can grow in higher layers of consciousness, can reach to the heights of the Himalayan peaks.

Society has kept everybody retarded, it has made everybody stupid. It needs idiots; it does not want intelligent people around. It is afraid of intelligence because intelligence is always in revolt against slavery, against superstition, against all kinds of exploitation, against all kinds of stupidities, against all discriminations between races, nations, classes, colors.

Intelligence is continuously in revolt.

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