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Chapter 39: Must I Say Goodbye?

A few people simply come to the masters because they see a certain dimension of fulfillment of their ego, their ambition. To them, it is the same: to have power, prestige, respectability, richness, or to be a great master with thousands of disciples. They have no desire to know the truth, no search for knowing oneself. To them, to be a master is just like any other ambitious project of the world - to be a rich man, to be a politician, to be a prime minister, to be a governor. And you cannot prevent them, because sometimes when they come and they try to understand, they change. They see that when they came they had come with a wrong motive, but now that motive has been dropped. So they cannot be prevented from the very beginning.and one never knows when they will change; it may take years.

The master has to be patient. But these people are in a hurry, because life is slipping out of their hands.

Judas betrayed Jesus not for any other reason. It was not for thirty silver coins that he betrayed Jesus, he betrayed Jesus because he was the only educated disciple. He was more educated and cultured than Jesus himself. Moving with Jesus, seeing his teachings, he could easily visualize himself as a great master, greater than Jesus: “Because this man is simply a carpenter’s son, knows nothing much; still he has created a great stir in the country.”

It was a very simple arithmetic: Judas could see that if this man is removed, he can prove himself to be a great master; but if this man is alive, he will always remain a disciple. Either he had to revolt against him and create totally different disciples, which is more arduous. This was far better, if Jesus could be removed in some way. And Judas was bound to be the leader, with established disciples.

It is just like a shop with a credibility of hundreds of years. Rather than opening a new shop. You may be offering better things to the world, but still the old name has credibility, an established credibility. The competition is going to be tough and very difficult. The best way is somehow get the name of the old shop - just old bottles filled with new wine. Nobody bothers about the wine, everybody looks at the bottle - but the bottle has to be old. The old bottle is the proof of old wine. Simple logic.

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