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Chapter 14: Wholeness: A Single Word Contains It

These religions helped the poor to remain poor and helped the rich to feel guilty. And donations also help the poor to remain poor because they cannot revolt against those who are donating. How can you revolt against such well-wishers? How can you revolt against those who are creating beautiful temples for you, dharmshalas, poor-houses, orphanages, schools, hospitals? How can you revolt against such good people, such virtuous people?

So this strategy of donation became a shelter, a shield for the rich, and it became a consolation to the poor.

In India in the past ten thousand years there has never been any class struggle for the simple reason that the richer class was always helping the poorer ones in small ways. They looked, appeared friendly. They were exploiting, they were making them poor; they were the cause of the poverty. With one hand they continued to suck their blood, and with the other hand they were providing a little bit of food to them. And it was good to give a little bit of food and nourishment to the poor, otherwise how can you suck their blood? From where is the blood going to come? They should not die, they should be kept alive! To keep them alive, go on giving them a little bit in donations; then they are alive and you can go on sucking them.

Lao Tzu says to remain in a let-go. It is beautiful for the inner growth, but not good for the outside world. Let-go means no struggle, no revolution, no rebellion, just going with the river wherever it is going, not trying to decide the direction.

Mathematics was first discovered in India; that’s why the mathematical digits from one to ten are basically of Indian origin. You can even see the similarity in the words: three is tri in Sanskrit, six is shashta in Sanskrit, nine is nav in Sanskrit, eight is ashta in Sanskrit, two is dwa in Sanskrit; dwa became tva and from tva it became two.

Mathematics was discovered for the first time in India, but it was not developed, it was not followed up, for the simple reason that the world is illusory, it is maya; all that is required of you is to renounce it.

In fact, the young drop-outs in the West should not be called hippies - they are not. The real hippies are the people who renounce the world, they are the real dropouts. The word hippie means one who has shown his hips to the world and escaped. In that sense, Mahavira, Buddha, Lao Tzu, all are hippies - literally! They all escaped from the struggle of life.

Mathematics was developed, but mathematics can be applied only to the outside world because it is a way of measuring. Do you know? - the English word matter comes from a Sanskrit root which means measure; matter means “that which can be measured.” Now, mathematics is needed only for matter, that which can be measured. The inner world is immeasurable, you cannot measure it, hence it is beyond matter; mathematics is not needed there.

The people who called the world illusory stopped all scientific growth.

The first technological devices were invented in China, but science did not develop there. And the sole cause was Lao Tzu, because Lao Tzu said that to invent a machine is to cheat nature.

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