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Chapter 9: Society’s Justice Is Revenge

In aboriginal societies divorce is unknown, adultery is unknown. Not that they have any commandments, but by the simple fact that everybody has known everybody else in the tribe.and after this knowledge and experience they have chosen their partners. Parents don’t arrange marriages; the young people choose for themselves.

In a rebellious society the pattern will be the same. And particularly after the invention of the pill, it is absolutely absurd that a man has to marry a woman he has not known intimately, or a woman has to marry a man she knows nothing about. The pill should have been a great revolution, but all the religions are preventing that revolution. They think the pill is an invention of evil forces, that it should not be used.

The old pill was only ninety-nine percent reliable because sometimes one could forget to take it. Now, two other pills have come into existence. One a woman can take after making love, so there is no question of any loopholes; and another pill has come into existence which the man can take - no need for the woman to take any pill.

With these pills available, men and women can experiment until they find a person who they would really love to be with forever. And they need not be in a hurry to rush to the church, they can wait. For a year or two they can see how their intimacy goes; whether it goes deeper and becomes richer, or whether as time passes it fades away. Before deciding on a life partner, this seems to be simply logical - to experiment, to experience as many people as possible. Adultery will disappear, rape will disappear.

And science will find, as we have already been finding, that there are crimes which a man is committing under biological laws - he is forced to commit them by his heredity. Then he needs hospitalization, medical care; or, if he has something wrong with his mind, then he needs a psychiatric hospital. But there is no question of calling him a criminal, and there is no question of giving him any punishment.

All punishment is crime. Just because we have not been able to find the causes.or perhaps we were not willing to find the causes, because to find the causes would mean changing the whole social structure, and we were not ready for that great revolution.

The rebellious man is ready for every revolution in every area of life. Injustice disappears.and there is no question of any justice.

It is very difficult to conceive of a man without jealousy, a man without anger, a man without competitiveness, a man without a lust for power, but it is all possible. We have just never thought about how to remove the causes.

Why do people want power? Because whatever they are doing is not respected. A shoemaker is not respected like the president of a country. In reality, he may be better as a shoemaker than the president is as a president. The quality should be praised - if a shoemaker is a better shoemaker, then he need not be interested in being a president. His own art, his own craft, will bring him dignity and the respect of the people.

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