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Chapter 19: Organism, Not Organization

I do not teach any kind of non-violence like Mahatma Gandhi, which failed tremendously. And it is such a strange world that nobody looks at Mahatma Gandhi and the failure of his non-violence, utter failure. His revolution in 1942 died within nine days, and with no effect.

The revolution of a country like India against the British kingdom simply withered away in nine days. Just a few people were thrown into jail and it was finished. And without any effect, because India did not become independent in 1942.

The fact is that after 1942, Gandhi and his close colleagues all lost hope that India could become independent in their own lifetime - because their greatest effort had withered away in just nine days, and they had been preparing for fifty years. Now to have another revolution.they wouldn’t be alive, they were all getting old.

But in 1947, five years after the revolution - in any revolution, things happen immediately. It is not that in 1917 the communist revolution happens and the czar goes on ruling for five years and then he says, “Okay. You win. Your revolution has succeeded.” If a revolution succeeds then the slavery is finished.

But 1942 did not bring any victory, any freedom to India. In fact it brought a tremendous hopelessness, despair, and an almost certainty that it was impossible to be free.

In ‘47 Britain gave India freedom. Not because of Gandhi and his non-violent revolution; it gave India freedom because India became a burden.

You want to rule people if you can exploit them. Britain had exploited for three hundred years - everything that was valuable, everything that Britain wanted was transferred to Britain. They sucked all the blood from India. And then there were four hundred million people, hungry, starving. Then it was the responsibility of the government to feed those people, to take care of those people, and that would have been economically very heavy on Britain.

When you have sucked the blood of the country and there are only bones, it is better to make them free. Then whatsoever they go through - suffering, poverty, starvation - is their responsibility.

In fact, Lord Mountbatten was sent to India with orders that he somehow had to manage to withdraw from India before 1948. But when he went to India and saw the situation he informed the British government, “That may be too late. Escaping in a situation when India is starving will expose your whole policy to the world: ‘This is not giving freedom, this is simply being irresponsible. While India could give you so much, you cannot even manage enough food for them.’”

Mountbatten said, “We will be finished in ‘47. Don’t wait for ‘48. A year could prove dangerous - the earlier the better.”

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