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Chapter 3: Return to Your Source

Jesus was bringing a totally new kind of revolution to the world. Nobody had talked about that revolution before. That’s why I say Jesus is the turning point in the history of human consciousness - even more than Buddha, because there had been many others like Buddha, talking on the same lines; he was not new. He may have been the end of a long procession of buddhas, but he was not the first.

Jesus brought something totally new to the earth; he was the beginning of a new line, of a new search, of a new inquiry. John could not understand. Lao Tzu, if he had been there, would have understood - but not John. John was a totally different type of man. In his last days he was very worried that something had gone wrong: Has this disciple betrayed me or what? He sent a note, “Are you the one we were waiting for or has something gone wrong?” When you have a certain idea of a certain thing, that becomes a barrier to understanding. What to say of others? - even John could not understand Jesus perfectly.

I have heard one story:

There was a very great, rich merchant who used to go all around the world to collect silk, spices, perfume. In these three things he was one of the most perfect merchants: he knew where to get them at a low price, from what markets of the world, and where to sell them and profit much. And he had profited much. That was his only interest, to find out more and more about perfumes and spices.

One day, passing through a town, somebody told him, “Here lives a very wise man. Whatsoever your inquiry, he is always helpful.”

The merchant thought, “Maybe he knows something about silk, spices, perfume. Maybe he can be helpful in showing me some market where I can get even more low-priced commodities.”

He went to the wise man. Before he had even asked, the wise man said, “Yes, I know. You go to the north, in the Himalayas,” and he gave him a particular peak to go to. “Go to that peak and sit on that peak for three days. In those three days you will see something which you have never seen before. Then come back.”

The man rushed. He had the fastest horse in the country. He rushed to the mountains, he found the peak. Fasting, praying, he sat there for three days looking around and dreaming about silk, perfume, spices. He was waiting there - some unknown door was going to open and he would become the master of all the silk that is in the world, all the spices, all the perfumes.

The key was going to be handed to him within these three days. He waited and waited, and he fantasized and he dreamed. He could not even see the beautiful valley that was around or the beautiful, silent river that passed by not making even a slight noise. He could not hear the birds singing in the morning, he could not see the beautiful sunset. He could see nothing because he was so full of dreams and he was so tense, waiting for something.

Three days passed and nothing happened. He was very annoyed and angry. He rushed back to the wise man and he said, “Nothing happened. I could not see anything that I had not seen before. What went wrong?”