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Chapter 7: Man Is an Empty Temple

Reform is partial revolution. Revolution is outer revolution. Rebellion is inner revolution. And only when the inner has happened, is it dependable; otherwise it is not dependable. Reform will make you a hypocrite, revolution will make you a schizophrenic. Only rebellion can give you your fullness of being, spontaneity, health, wholeness.

Reform will make you respectable. If you are after respect, then reform is enough. It will give you a plastic personality. From the outside you will start looking beautiful. From the inside you will be rotten and stinking, but nobody will be able to smell your stinking being; the plastic will protect you. Inside you will go on getting dirtier and dirtier, but on the outside you will keep a good face.

Revolution will create a split in you. It will make you a saint, but the sinner will be repressed. The sinner has not been absorbed into the saint, the sinner has been cut off. Revolution will make you two persons: it will create two worlds in you. The natural will be repressed and the moral will be on top of it. The upper-dog, the moral, will try to control the lower-dog, the natural. And of course, the natural is very powerful because it is natural, so it will take revenge; it will go on sneaking into your life from the weak points. It will disrupt your morality, it will create guilt, and you will be in constant conflict because nobody can be victorious.

Your support, your intellectual support, is for the moral, but your whole being’s support is for the natural. The moral is in the conscious and the natural is in the unconscious. The conscious is very small, and the unconscious is nine times more strong, nine times more big than the conscious. But you only know the conscious, so in the conscious the morality will go on singing its song, and in the unconscious, which is nine times more powerful, all kinds of immoralities will go on getting deeper roots in you. It will make you a saint and a sinner - the sinner will be repressed, and the sinner will wait for his time, for the right time to erupt, for the right time to take revenge.

That’s why people look so sad, people look so dissipated because their whole energy is going down the drain in the conflict. Continuous tension is there. The saint is very tense, he is always in anguish and always afraid - afraid of his own being that he has denied. And the denied is there! And sooner or later it will throw the moralist, the egoist, the conscious pretender. It will throw - it will throw the pretender.

Hence, the saint is always on the verge of a kind of insanity. And you know.if you try to be a saint, you will know that you are always on the verge. A small thing can change your whole balance, you can lose all your sanity. Neurosis breeds, grows, if you are split.

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