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Chapter 30: Rebellion: Hallmark of the New Man

And of course there were enemies outside, because all capitalist countries wanted to destroy Russia. So Joseph Stalin had a good argument: If you want to survive, then you have to be absolutely one. No other voice - one single leader.” And the people had to submit to it.

The people who had made the revolution were finished by the revolution itself. And the people who came into power after the revolution were not the revolutionaries. They were bureaucrats who knew the methods of bureaucracy and who were capable of becoming slaves of Joseph Stalin.

Sixty years have passed, but the same situation continues - the fear of the outside world. In Russia they go on magnifying it: the whole world is determined to destroy you, and your only possible way to survive is to remain absolutely committed to the party line. No disagreement is allowed. The whole country has to believe whatsoever comes out of the high command from the Kremlin.

The people who had thought of the revolution, the people who had for decades prepared for the revolution.this was not the revolution that they were preparing for - that the whole country would become a concentration camp, that everybody would be a prisoner.

In India, when freedom came, one of the most important Urdu poets, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, wrote a beautiful song. In the song he says, “This is not the morning for which we have been working hard, sacrificing everything, suffering every humiliation. This is not that morning. This is not the morning of our dreams. This is not that freedom.

“Nothing has changed, only the rulers are different. The jailers have changed, the jail is the same. What difference does it make to the prisoner who is the jailer? The rules are the same; in fact, they are more strict now.”

Obviously, because this jailer had been a prisoner.now he has become the jailer and he knows how prisoners can overthrow him: he will not leave any loopholes. He knows the way he became the jailer from being a prisoner; now he will break all the bridges so nobody else can take his place.

The new rulers are always more dangerous than the old rulers. Old rulers become relaxed, they start taking it for granted that they are rulers. They are not so alert, they need not be. The new rulers cannot afford that kind of taking-for-grantedness. They know that they can be thrown out. They have thrown others out, and what they have done can be done to them.

For sixty years in Russia the prison has become more and more destructive of humanity, individuality, freedom.

The questioner is right: no revolution has helped - but please don’t call a revolution a rebellion. There is tremendous difference.

Revolutions have been happening down through history.

Rebellion has not happened yet.

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