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Chapter 4: Learn from the Peacocks

Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill and Roosevelt had been enemies but they became friends because of a common enemy, Hitler. Once Germany had gone their friendship went also. That friendship was not a friendship, it was a political affair born out of having a common enemy. Remember, love that is born out of enmity is not love, it is a false coin. And all political unity depends on it. You are not united with somebody, you are united against somebody - that’s the logic of politics.

If you tell people that the real fight is going to be against politics, you will make them political. They will start fighting politicians, they will start fighting politics - and they will become political. Slowly, slowly they will learn the same technology, the same strategy, the same ways, and by the time they will they will be as political as the people they were fighting against. This has happened so many times in the world that it is simply stupid that we are not aware of it.

What happened in the Russian Revolution? The communists were fighting against the Czar, one of the most despotic rulers ever. Fighting with the Czar they became czars. When they came to power they proved to be more dangerous, more despotic, more dictatorial than the Czar himself. One Josef Stalin was as dangerous as one thousand czars. He killed millions of people, and killed them in the name of revolution. Those people were not rich people, they were poor people, proletarians. Proletarians were killed for the sake of proletarians - the violence continued.

What happened? What was the mechanism? Why did Josef Stalin turn anti-revolutionary? After being one of the greatest revolutionaries how did he turn into an anti-revolutionary? If you fight with a czar you will have to become like a czar; by and by you will learn the same language. By the time you come into power it is another czar coming into power. The czar changes but the “czardom” continues.

That’s how it has always happened. Very little intelligence is needed to show it to you. Revolution has always failed because the revolutionary turns into an anti-revolutionary when he comes to power. He has to, he cannot do anything else.

“The next generation has to be told that the real fight is not the political fight..” The real fight is not a fight at all, the real fight cannot be a fight at all. One has to drop out. The real revolutionary is not fighting anybody, he simply sees the absurdity of things and drops out. He says that he is not going to be a part of it this way or that - he is neither for nor against. It is so stupid that he cannot even be against it. Very few people are real revolutionaries - a Buddha is a real revolutionary, a Bodhidharma is a real revolutionary, the Zen mystics I have been talking about are real revolutionaries. But they have not been thought of as revolutionaries, they are thought to be escapists. Even Brown will think that they are escapists - they should give the politician a good fight, then they are revolutionaries. But if you give the politician a good fight you become a politician - one politician is defeated but another politician comes into power. And, naturally, the one who comes into power is more powerful than the one who has been defeated. Power goes on moving into more cunning and more dangerous hands.

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