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Chapter 33: Truth Is a Dance in the Heart

Buddha was against speaking a language which had been used against the people, to keep them ignorant. He chose Pali, a language which people understood. It was a revolutionary step; before him, nobody had dared. It was thought that truth could be spoken only in Sanskrit. That’s what the brahmins in India have been saying for thousands of years - that Sanskrit is a divine language.

Buddha made many revolutionary statements: one was that no language is divine - it is the experience of divineness.. Then you can use any language, and it becomes divine. And he proved it by making Pali a divine language, so all the Buddhist scriptures are in Pali. Language was a barrier.

Even in India today, there are thirty national languages. In Buddha’s times there must have been more, because there were two thousand kingdoms in India. It was divided into two thousand small fragments. And he remained in one fragment.

Secondly, he was prevented from moving on a wider scale, because rather than passing the same cities dozens of times in his life, he had chosen to walk barefooted.

It was part of his compassion not to use vehicles, because all vehicles were pulled by horses or bullocks, and this was against his compassionate heart. It was violent. These animals should not be tortured. This is sheer exploitation of innocent animals; and man has done everything ugly to exploit them.

Have you seen the difference between a bull and a bullock? The bull has a grandeur, a beauty, a wildness, tremendous strength; but castrated, he becomes a bullock. You cannot make a bull pull a vehicle - he is too strong and too wild. You will not be able to keep him on the road. He can run anywhere taking your whole vehicle and you, and you will not be able to do anything. He is one of the very powerful animals.

But castrated.castrating an animal is ugly. He becomes weak. He loses his sexual energy; that is the only energy all the animals, including man, have. It is something to be understood, that the bullock is a poor animal: you can do anything to the bullock. You have destroyed all his beauty and all his grandeur by destroying his sexual energy.

But that’s what religions have been doing to the monks, to the nuns. In the name of celibacy - it is just another way of turning bulls into bullocks, turning beautiful human beings into slaves.

And you must be made aware of the fact that not a single impotent person has been creative in the whole history of man, in any direction. It is as if creativity is basically concerned with your sexuality. If celibacy is something spiritual, then the impotent person is absolutely celibate; but not a single impotent person has ever become enlightened, and it is a long history.

The impotent person has never become a great poet or a musician or a painter or a dancer or a sculptor. He has not been creative because sexual energy is your creative energy. It creates life - that is only one natural way of using it. It creates everything else too, so it is not unnatural.

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