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Chapter 8: Joy in the Morning

When they see that the others are going on their honeymoon.just get your own boat and go on a honeymoon too. Why are you wasting your life unnecessarily in those dark holes, when others are enjoying the fresh air on the river? The idea seems to be good.

“Rats are an omen of death in Austria. In other places they are a good omen.

In Zoroastrianism the rat is an evil animal, and the killing of one rat equals in merit the slaying of four lions.”

So don’t be worried - if you are a rat, you are equal to four lions. If your wife calls you a rat, she is saying, “You are equal to four lions.”

“In Jewish folklore, eating anything gnawed by a rat causes loss of memory. Thus cats, which eat rats, don’t remember their masters.”

Rats destroy the memory system; that’s why cats go on forgetting who is their master. Dogs never eat rats so they always remember their master.

And simultaneously Anando is also contributing something to Avirbhava’s Museum of Gods, the monkey.

The monkey has also been a problem in India. You cannot shoot a monkey - a monkey can shoot you, there is no constitutional law against that.

In the capital of North India, Lucknow, there is a very beautiful temple of the monkey-god Hanuman. Surrounded by great trees, it is a very ancient temple, and hundreds of monkeys live on those trees. People go with food, flowers, sweets, and those monkeys.of course Hanuman is just a stone monkey, but the real monkeys are all around and they are flourishing, becoming stronger.

Something happened suddenly in 1955. Nobody knows the actual cause, but the monkeys became violent at the sight of any kind of uniform. So the policeman, the postman, the military man, the sannyasin.none of them could pass down that street. Those monkeys would jump on them and hit them hard, tear away their clothes and they would have to run naked, oozing blood, down a main street in Lucknow. And the assembly of Lucknow could not decide what to do.

It is something strange that both monkeys and dogs are against uniforms - both seem to be very revolutionary. Uniformed people are very orthodox, all just imitating each other. Dogs immediately start barking when they see the postman or the policeman or the sannyasin; anybody who wears a uniform provokes dogs and monkeys to fight against this traditionalism.

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