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Chapter 6: The Physical and Energy Bodies

Certainly if man’s intelligence falls he is free from a kind of bond-age, because intelligence also brings its own kind of limitations and he becomes free from them. It is a great mistake to think that freedom from those limitations is freedom, because freedom comes in two ways: it can come by going beyond limitations, or it can come by falling below the limitations. The freedom that goes below is just madness, and the freedom attained by going beyond the limitations is the ultimate state. So they are purchasing cheap liberation through chemicals. But even that is only a chemical, a food.

This body, our first layer, is the layer of food. Hence the right choice of food is significant - it is not only a superstition. To be a pure vegetarian gives a flexibility to the body which is not available to the nonvegetarian. The physical body layer of a nonvegetarian slowly, slowly becomes like an animal body.

It is amazing that you don’t realize that the meat you eat is the creation of those animals, it is an organic part of those animals. You take that meat directly into your body and thus slowly you start making your own organic system animal-like. That system will affect you. That system will make your body a solid stone wall. Perhaps the reason why animals could not grow in intelligence is mostly because of their physical body. The intelligence which has evolved within you will slowly be reversed with the accumulation of animal flesh in your body. And very small things can make revolutionary changes - so small that we cannot even comprehend that they could do so.

Scientists say that the growth of intelligence in the human brain was possible because he stood up on his hind legs; had he been moving on his hands and feet his brain could not have evolved. It is such a small thing that it is amazing that it has made so much difference, such as the difference in intelligence between a monkey and a man, a man and a dog - what a tremendous difference there is between an Einstein and a monkey! And scientists say that this difference is due to such a small thing.standing up on our hind legs. How could it happen? It happened because the flow of blood to the brain was reduced; blood now had to be pumped upwards to the brain. When the flow was reduced the brain could grow tender tissues, subtle nerves. If the flow is fast, the subtle nerves are destroyed. Animals have a constant large flow of blood towards the brain: that is why subtle nerves do not grow. It is like a river flowing very fast and not allowing the tiny plants to grow; not even the tiny pebbles can stay. They are all flushed away, thrown away.

The only reason so much evolution of human intelligence became possible is that the brain received less blood. This is also why when you get up in the morning after a night’s sleep your intelligence is fresh. Using your intelligence the whole day, by nighttime you get so tired you fall asleep, and during sleep more blood reaches to your brain.

So there is not much difference between our sleep and an animal’s sleep. The difference is in the waking states. Howsoever you look, you can’t tell the difference between a sleeping man and a sleeping animal, or can you? No, all the differences begin in the waking state of a man and an animal.

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