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Chapter 29: History Repeats Itself, Unfortunately

When many of my letters were not answered I wrote a letter to his wife. She was a very loving woman. She wrote to me saying, “You can understand - there is no need for me to tell you that he is a fanatic. And you touched his weakest point. Even I keep myself alert not to say anything against communism. I can do anything, I can say anything against him, but I should not say anything against communism because, “That he cannot conceive, that anybody can be against communism.”

He told me once, “We are going to take over the whole world.”

I said, “Your project is a very small one, this earth is very small. Why don’t you join in my project?”

He said, “What is your project?”

I said, “My project is very simple. I am a man of very simple taste and very easily satisfied. I am just going to take over the universe. Why bother about a small earth which will be included in the universe? No need to be worried about it.” But communism believes it is going to take over the whole earth, and almost half of the earth they have already taken.

Their fanatic attitude will create the reaction in America to become fanatically Christian. That seems to be the only alternative for Americans, but they don’t know.. You can survive communism, but you cannot survive fanatic Christianity.

Just trying to save yourself from one danger your are falling into a greater danger.

I can show you the way to survive communism - not only for you to survive communism, but for you to help the whole world to get rid of communism. it is very simple: just make people more rich. Let poverty disappear, and there will be no communism left.

Marx, in his best book, The Communist Manifesto, declares in the end, “Proletariat of the world, unite: you have nothing to lose but your chains; you have the whole world to gain.” I am saying, if you want the world not to be communist, let everybody have something of value to lose and he will never be a communist.

Make people richer - and you can do it. Now there is no difficulty. If you divert your attention from fighting with communism, and pour your energies into making people richer and richer, the whole country will become rich, so rich that even the iron curtain of Russia cannot prevent the people of Russia from seeing what is happening in America. They are poor; it just has to be made clear to them that the only way to be rich is capitalism - and the only way to remain forever poor is communism.

Christianity cannot do that - only capitalism.

Christianity will kill you; before communism kills you, Christianity will kill you. Christianity is really the father of communism. Trying to save yourself from the son, you are getting into the clutches of the father, who is far more dangerous, who has destroyed many civilizations before.

But I doubt that any intelligent thing is going to be heard. The circle seems to be repeating itself. We have to be just helpless spectators because these idiots will not hear; even if they hear they will not understand; even if they understand, they will not follow it.