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Chapter 3: Return to Your Source

The wise man laughed and said, “Your idea of riches.” Then he said, “Now don’t go to that valley again, you will never find it, but all around on the bank of the river there were diamonds. Those were not stones, they were diamonds. But you missed.”

Then the man remembered, as if through his dream he had seen something - dim, vague, cloudy - but he had seen something. Yes, in the morning with the sun rays many times he had a glimpse of many stones that were shining. But he had his own idea of riches, and that was too much.

Even John had his own idea of revolution, of what religion is. He became suspicious. But that day, when Jesus was baptized, he was a witness. He had seen the opening of heaven.

And Jesus, when he was baptized,
went up straightway out of the water: and lo, the heavens were opened
unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God
descending like a dove,
and lighting upon him.

The dove is one of the oldest symbols of silence, of peace, of purity, of harmony. Have you seen a dove descending? Watch a dove descending.in the very coming down you will feel a silence surrounding the dove. That’s why it has become a symbol. And Jesus is peace, silence. He is not war, he is not revolution in the ordinary sense of the word, he is not violence. He is the humblest man and the purest who has ever lived on the earth.

Baptism by water always brings descendence of the purest spirit, which is surrounding you always.just the moment you are ready it descends in you. It is raining all the time, only your pot is upside down. You cannot gather it because your pot is upside down. Once your pot is right-side up, immediately you are fulfilled. In deep initiation the master tries to put your pot right-side up.

In the West the science of initiation is completely lost. In the East it is also, almost, lost. In the West it is lost because it never existed there in its totality, only fragments from the East traveled and reached the West. In the East it is lost because it has almost become a dead thing: everybody knows about it.and nobody knows about it. It has become a businesslike thing: you go and you can be initiated by anybody.

Initiation is not so easy. You can be initiated only by one who has attained at least the first satori, the first samadhi.

There are three satoris. The first satori means that you have had a glimpse from far away: you have seen the Himalayas away, far away, shining in the sun. That is the first satori. The second satori is one when you have reached the peak. You have arrived. And the third satori is one when you and the peak have become one. That is the last, the ultimate samadhi.