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Chapter 22: Poverty Is a Power Game

And the church has been nothing but a protection for the rich. It is using the poor in two ways: making its number bigger by serving the poor, opening the hospitals, schools, so making his bank balance in the other world better, and, secondly, he is protecting the rich. And because he is protecting the rich, the rich are pouring their riches into the churches.

From where all these riches have accumulated in the Vatican? From the poor people or from the God? Who gives all these donations to the Vatican? All these big cathedrals, churches in thousands around the world - who creates them? And for what purpose?

The rich people bribe the church because church is a very great protection against revolution.

I want to destroy poverty completely, but with the poverty the church will die together. It has no place at all anywhere.

The poor should stop producing more population and should put their whole energy not in future lives in paradises but fighting for their right, because they produce and somebody else goes on becoming richer and richer. They go on producing and they go on becoming poorer and poorer.

Strange kind of economy.

This economy has to be changed.

But the church has no place then, because whom will it protect? Revolution will burn this social economy and these churches and temples and mosques and all their bogus ideologies.

I do not respect poverty. I respect wealth.

And I say blessed are the rich because theirs is the kingdom of God - right now. It is not a question of tomorrow.

And wealth has not been understood well. Wealth is a creation. Everybody is not a Henry Ford just as everybody is not a Picasso.

You respect Picasso for his genius, because he paints in such a unique way that only he can do it. But you never bother to give some respect to Henry Ford. He also creates something which is far more important than Picasso’s paintings. He creates wealth.

Man can live without Picasso’s paintings. Man cannot live without wealth. And Picasso’s paintings can be purchased. But wealth has to be produced, you cannot purchase it.

If the population of the earth can be reduced to one-fourth of what it is now - and what it is now is the responsibility of all these idiots: bishops, cardinals, priests, popes.

For thirty years I have been talking about birth control. It has brought me only condemnation. Stones have been thrown at me, poison has been given to me, knives has been thrown at me, efforts to kill me has been made. That was my reward because I was talking about birth control and the priests became alerted.

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