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Chapter 16: Till You Live Life Totally

You forget completely that you don’t know. And these people go on conditioning other people. Parents go on giving their diseases as an inheritance to their children, teachers to their students, professors to their scholars.

I was continually insisting to my teachers, to my professors, to my vice-chancellors, “I don’t want a bookish answer. That I can find in the library, I don’t need you for that. I want your personal experience. Have you experienced anything that you can go on teaching?”

And I have seen their embarrassed faces, their empty eyes, their empty souls. Yes, they are full of rubbish, all kinds of doctrines, creeds, cults. If you want them to give you a sermon then they can give you a sermon, a beautiful sermon, on the ultimate goal of life.

And the truth is, life is only immediate; there is nothing ultimate.

But the vested interests cannot live without the ultimate.

They have to convince you to sacrifice your life for some imaginary idea.

The idea can be democracy, the idea can be communism, the idea can be fascism, the idea can be Christianity, the idea can be Hinduism; it does not matter. But something far away.. All along the way you have to go on sacrificing that which is real for something unreal; and in the end comes death, no goal.

Because of this situation - that you have been told to sacrifice your life - there is a hunger for eternal life. Otherwise each single moment is so blissful - who cares to live forever? For what?

If this moment is fulfilled, if you are contented, you don’t need even a next moment. If it comes, good; if it does not come, even better - because you have lived, you have tasted the nectar of life. Now what more can the next moment give to you?

You have squeezed the juice of life so totally, you have not left anything for the moment that is going to follow. Yes, you will live it too; you will squeeze again, you will have another drink, but the desire for life to continue forever will disappear absolutely.

Only poor people think of riches. A rich man never thinks of riches, a rich man is really bored with riches. It is the hungry person who thinks of food, dreams of food. When you are well fed, nourished, can you have a dream about food? That’s impossible, it is not even psychologically probable.

People are dreaming of sex because their sex is being repressed by the priests, by all the religions. Naturally the repressed sex becomes their dream. They start a vicarious kind of satisfaction. What they cannot have in real life at least they can dream about in their sleep.

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