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Chapter 25: We Cannot Be Otherwise

There are many kinds of richness, and the man who is rich because of money is the lowest as far as the categories of richness are concerned. Let me say it in this way: the man of wealth is the poorest rich man. Looked at from the side of the poor, he is the richest poor man. Looked at from the side of a creative artist, of a dancer, of a musician, of a scientist, he is the poorest rich man. And as far as the world of ultimate awakening is concerned he cannot even be called rich.

Meditation will make you ultimately rich by giving you the world of your innermost being and also relatively rich, because it will release your powers of mind into certain talents that you have. My own experience is that everybody is born with a certain talent, and unless he lives that talent to its fullest, something in him will remain missing. He will go on feeling that somehow something is not there that should be.

Give mind a rest - it needs it! It is so simple: just become a witness to it. And it will give you both things.

Slowly, slowly mind starts learning to be silent. Once it knows that by being silent it becomes powerful, then its words are not just words; they have a validity and a richness and a quality that they never had before - so much so that they go directly, like arrows. They bypass the logical barriers and reach to the very heart.

Then mind is a good servant of immense power in the hands of silence. Then the being is the master, and the master can use the mind whenever it is needed and can switch it off whenever it is not needed.

I remember you once explaining that tantra means expansion. My moments of greatest joy and my moments of greatest silence are invariably accompanied by an exquisite feeling of expanding. This feeling is also present in the urge to melt into someone or something - like a tree or a sunset - that I love.

Where does this desire come from? Is it an innate longing to be reunited with something of which we were once part?

Yes, it is not something coming from outside. It is your innate feeling to be one with something with which you were once one - and with which you are still one, but without being aware. So it is only a question of awareness, of remembrance. You have never gone anywhere. You are still here; it is just your mind that goes on moving to faraway spaces.

If the mind is silent, suddenly you discover this crystal clear moment, now and here, and the feeling of oneness with all.

We are one. We cannot be otherwise. There is no other way. Life is one phenomenon, existence is undivided - but mind has the capacity to forget it.

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