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Chapter 6: Go On Moving

Learn the way of joy, learn the way of dance, at least learn the way of poetry, and unlearn the ways of the thinker, unlearn the ways that create questions in you.

But it will happen by and by. You will have to ask many questions.

A convict sits in his cell awaiting a murder trial. In walks a well-dressed lawyer.

The lawyer says, “I am the very best. You have nothing to worry about. I am going to prove that you are completely insane, or were in Europe at the time of the murder. Also, the witnesses are paid off and my uncle is the judge for your case. Meanwhile, try to escape.”

There is no answer to any question. There is nobody to answer them, they have never been answered, they cannot be answered - by the very nature of things. Meanwhile, go on asking because if you don’t ask you will not move from the state where you are, and one should be moving.

That is one of the great secrets of life, that life is a movement. And if you are stuck somewhere you lose contact with life. Then you are fogged and clouded; then you are lost, and you don’t know who are, and where you are going, and what is happening. You miss all the clues.

Go on moving. Wherever you are, one thing has to be remembered: don’t get stuck. If your questioning helps you to move, good. A little movement from wherever you are is good; from that place you have to find another place - because you are in contact with life only when you are dynamic, moving. Life is a flux, life is a flow. Whenever you are stagnant you lose contact.

In the English language there is a beautiful word: affluence. It has lost its original meaning. It has nothing to do with richness, it has nothing to do with luxuries, technological gadgets, a big palace and a big car and a great bank balance - it has nothing to do with these. You may be a millionaire and you may not be affluent.

“Affluence” means: one who is in the flow, one who is flowing. To be with the flow is to be affluent. The original meaning of the word is: to be in the flow, moving, flowing, not stuck. If you are flowing, moving with life, you are rich - and that is the only richness there is. All other richness is a false substitute.

So if your questions help you to move - I am not saying they will help you to find the answer, because there is none - but if your questioning helps you to move just a step further, good. It is time you should be moving.

Branihan was driving down the road. By the way the car weaved in and out of traffic, you could tell that Branihan was pickled to the gills.

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