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Chapter 2: The Ultimate Nightmare

The man said, “Have you gone mad? I am suffering from a cold, and at midnight the lake is going to be just ice! I will get double pneumonia.”

The physician said, “Don’t be worried. I have a perfect medicine for pneumonia - but for the common cold I have none. I will cure it certainly. Just follow the instructions.”

The mind goes on creating problems and then it goes on supplying solutions. Have you not watched this nonsense?

Cut the mind from the very root. Don’t allow it to create a problem - that is the solution.

Otherwise, the mind will give you a solution. In the first place, the problem was false. How can the solution be right? If you solve a false problem, the solution is going to be false. Then you are caught in an infinite regress. Then in the solution the mind will again find problems. Then again, solutions have to be supplied. And then you go on and on.

If your own mind cannot give you a solution, you go to greater minds; they can supply solutions. You go to philosophers - people who have theories, doctrines, scriptures in their heads. If you cannot supply your own solution then you look at the experts; and then they supply you with a solution. But experts have not helped anybody yet. Fifty centuries’ history of philosophy has not even given a single solution to any problem. On the contrary, it has created more and more problems.. Cut the very root!

Whenever the mind is trying to create a problem, first try to find out whether the mind is playing the old trick again. Because as I see, life is absolutely simple. It has no problems. I don’t mean that life is not a mystery. I mean that life is not a riddle. You cannot solve it.

Life is a tremendous mystery - but very simple. You cannot solve it. You can live it, you can enjoy it, you can merge into it - and doors upon doors open and it is an endless journey of revelations; greater and greater revelations are waiting for you - but it is not a riddle that can be solved. The more you enter into it, the more unknowable it becomes. The more you know; the more you know that you don’t know.

One moment comes when all knowledge seems futile. That is the moment where consciousness goes through a conversion - from philosophy to religion; from futile, stale theories to a fresh and eternally alive source of life.

Life is a mystery; it cannot be solved. It has no solution, it has no answer. Don’t try to solve it. That is what the mind is constantly doing: to solve. Cut the root! Whenever the mind tries to bring a problem, first try to see - is there a problem really?

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