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Chapter 1: Falling in Tune with the Whole

Go to a Christian church and you feel as if you have entered a cemetery - dead, very serious, corpse-like. You enter a church and you start feeling that you are also becoming serious. The very vibe is not of laughter, no. Christians say Jesus never laughed. I don’t believe it - I cannot believe it, because I know Jesus better.

But Christians say Jesus never laughed If I write the gospels, I would write that Jesus laughed his whole life. In fact, when he was crucified he had a belly laughter. He laughed tremendously, uproariously - because this was just ridiculous. To try to kill that which cannot be killed, to try to kill Jesus - the very idea is ridiculous, he must have laughed. I can still hear his laughter.. But Christians have not heard his laughter; they have based their religion more on the cross than on Christ.

Christianity would have been benefited tremendously if the cross had been forgotten - because with the cross, death comes in. I call Christianity “crossianity.” It is a religion of death, of the cross - serious, sad. If Christianity had paid more attention to Jesus, then a totally different world view would have arisen. More emphasis should have been given to the resurrected Christ - not to the crucified. Then Christianity would have been more life-affirmative, even death could not kill, even the cross could not destroy - Jesus is resurrected. Then Christianity could have danced, then there would have been singing and celebration, and churches would have been more human, But that didn’t happen; the whole of Christianity became attached too much to the cross.

In fact, we are all too much attached to death. Death leaves a greater impression in us. If somebody is alive we don’t bother to be happy with him, but if he dies we cry. We had never thought about it before, that that man was alive just a day before and we could have danced together and we could have celebrated a few moments and we could have allowed benediction to enter - we never thought about it. Now he is dead, now we cry. We don’t seem to be interested too much in life, we seem to be interested too much in death.

I have heard.

A great enemy of Voltaire died. They were lifelong enemies, criticizing each other. Somebody rushed to Voltaire to release the news and said, “Your great enemy is dead.”

Shocked, Voltaire said, “I will miss him tremendously.” He started crying and he said, “He was a great man and it will be difficult to find a greater man than him. His intelligence was tremendously sharp and his whole life was a beautiful life.”

The man who had come to release the news could not believe these words, that Voltaire would say these words - he was expecting that he would be happy. Seeing him shocked, Voltaire said, “All these things are true, provided he is really dead. Provided he is really dead - if he is still alive, then forget all this.”

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