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Chapter 5: Session 5

Californians can be forgiven - they are all Californiacs - but Christians cannot be forgiven for bringing this ugly fellow, the Holy Ghost, into the trinity. And this Holy Ghost did the unholy act of making poor Mary pregnant! Who do you think made the poor carpenter’s wife, Mary, pregnant? Why, the Holy Ghost! Great! Great holiness! Then what is unholiness?

One thing is certain, that Christianity has been trying to completely avoid the woman, to erase her completely. They even create a family. If a child paints a picture of a family - of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost - you would say, “What is this nonsense? Where is the mother?”

Without a mother how can there be a father? Without a mother how can there be a son? Even a child would understand your logic, but not a Christian theologian. He is not a child, he is a retarded child. Something is wrong with his brain. Particularly the left side of his brain is either empty or full of junk - maybe theological junk, the Bible - in short, the Holy Ghost.

I am against this fellow. Let me say it most clearly: if I meet him.I want you to know that although I am a nonviolent man, if I meet this Holy Ghost fellow I will kill him. I will say to myself, “To hell with all nonviolence, at least for the moment, kill this fellow! Later on we will see. We can be nonviolent again later on.” I would put a woman in his place. Immediately Christianity would come to its senses.

Another Californian car sticker which I gave to Gudia to keep says, “The best man for the job is probably a woman.” Not probably, but certainly, a woman could do the job of being the third partner of the holy company. Without a woman it is an absolute desert: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

The Jainas call the person arihanta who has attained to himself and is so drowned, so drunk in the beautitude of his realization that he has forgotten the whole world. The word arihanta literally means “one who has killed the enemy” - and the enemy is the ego. The first part of the mantra means, “I touch the feet of the one who has attained himself.”

The second part is: Namo siddhanam namo namo. This mantra is in Prakrit, not Sanskrit. Prakrit is the language of the Jainas, it is more ancient than Sanskrit. The very word sanskrit means refined. You can understand by the word refined there must have been something before it, otherwise what are you going to refine? Prakrit means unrefined, natural, raw, and the Jainas are correct when they say their language is the most ancient in the world. Their religion too is the most ancient.

The Hindu scripture Rig Veda mentions the first master of the Jainas, Adinatha. That certainly means it is far more ancient than Rig Veda. Rig Veda is the oldest book in the world, and it talks about the Jaina tirthankara, Adinatha, with such respect that one thing is certain, that he could not have been a contemporary of the people writing Rig Veda.

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