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Chapter 29: Human Rights for the New Man

I asked him, “You look a nice a person. What was the reason? What have these animals done against you?”

He said, “It is not a question of reason or a question of them doing anything against me. It is just a game.”

I said, “Just look from the other side: If a lion killed you, would that be a game? Your wife, your children, your brothers - will any one of them have the guts to say that it was a beautiful game? It will be a disaster. If you kill, then it is a game; if they kill, then it is a calamity. These double standards show your dishonesty, insincerity.”

He said, “I have never thought about it.”

But the whole of humanity is non-vegetarian; they are all eating other life forms. There is no reverence for life as such. Unless we create an atmosphere of reverence for life, man cannot realize the goal of getting his fundamental right of life.

Secondly, because the UN also declares life to be a fundamental right for man, it is being misused. The pope, Mother Teresa, and their tribe are using it for teaching people against birth control, against abortion, against the pill. Man’s mind is so cunning. It was a question of human rights - they are taking advantage of it. They are saying you cannot use birth control methods because they go against life; the unborn child also has the same right as you have. So some line has to be drawn, because at what point.?

To me, the pill does not destroy human rights; in fact it prepares the ground for it. If the earth is too overcrowded, millions of people will die of starvation; there will be wars. And the way the crowd is exploding it can lead humanity into a very inhuman situation.

In Bengal, there was a great famine in which mothers ate their own children. People sold their own children just for one rupee, two rupees. And do you think the persons who were purchasing them were purchasing human beings? No, they were purchasing food.

The pope and Mother Teresa will be responsible for all this.

The pill simply does not allow the child to be formed in the mother’s womb, so the question of human rights does not arise. And now, recently, science has found a pill for men too. It is not necessary that the woman should take the pill, the man can take it. The child is not formed in any way; hence, this fundamental right is inapplicable in that case. But these religious people - the shankaracharyas in India, Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran.and all over the world, all religions are against birth control methods. And they are the only methods which can prevent man from falling into a barbarous state.

I am absolutely in favor of birth control methods. A child should be recognized as a human being when he is born - and then too, I have some reservations..

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